How to Buy a Stylish Gym Tote Bag?

Anybody who follows a fitness regime, be it gym, yoga, Zumba, kickboxing or anything else that you can think of, knows the importance of a gym bag. There are a lot of things to carry around every day… clothes, shoes, water bottle, towel, headphones are only a handful to begin with. Thus, these bags need to be extremely functional and strong to last for long and help you with a hassle free routine every day.

However, there is no hard and fast rule that gym bags have to be boring because they need to be functional. If you are a person who takes great care in presenting yourself, you would most certainly want to look good while you go to your fitness class. You can most certainly use your gym bag as a fashion accessory, provided you have a fashionable bag with you. If you are the above described person, a gym tote bag ( livewell360/gym-tote-bag ) is something you most definitely need, a fashionable gym bag that is both stylish and functional.

How to Buy a Stylish Gym Tote Bag?

1.  It must be a tote bag

Tote bags have always been considered to be bags that are stylish buy functional at the same time, able to pack a number of things owing to their size. Tote bags are large bags that usually have one or two large compartments with ample amount of storage. Generally, these bags are not fastened by anything and two large straps from either side that serve as shoulder straps.

2.  Look for compartments

Though tote bags don’t have a large number of compartments, a gym tote bag must and should have enough compartments for all your clothes, fitness equipment and other accessories. You can’t dump your sweaty clothes, dirty shoes, phone, water bottle and headphones into one single compartment. You most definitely need separate compartments for clothes, electronics, water bottles respectively.

3.  Design and Color

Since style is one of your primary concerns, pay great attention to the design and color of the gym tote bag. Choose a color that you are most comfortable with, a color you don’t mind carrying to your office if need be. The design of the bag ( livewell360/products ) must resemble a tote bag, include elements of functionality with compartments and elements of style with attractive interiors.

4.  Waterproofing

The gym tote bag you buy must definitely be waterproof since you will be using it daily to carry your sweaty clothes, wet towels and water bottles. If the compartments are not waterproof, the electronics stored in other compartments might come in contact with water. Moreover, if the fabric is not waterproof, it will absorb the sweat and dirt to smell within a few days.

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