Reasons 5 Port HDMI Switch Offers the Easiest Way to Connect Multiple HD Devices

Today HDMI has become global standard to connect high definition equipment. HDTVs also have 1-2 HDMI ports that can be used to connect HDMI devices like Blu-ray player, gaming console, cable box, camera, or any other devices with HDMI ports. It is very common to run out of ports on your HDTV and you will be required to unplug and connect devices frequently. The solution to this problem is purchasing a 5 port HDMI switch.

Let’s learn about HDMI switches in detail and the reasons for their popularity.

What Is an HDMI Switch?

An HDMI switch ( ) is a simple device that has multiple HDMI inputs and one HDMI output. There is different switch configuration available such as 2 port HDMI switch, 5 port HDMI switch or more. The 5 port HDMI switch has 5 HDMI inputs and one HDMI output. The HDMI switch is a useful device to set up a home theater where you need to connect more than 2 HDMI devices to your HDTV.

Why Is HDMI The Preferred Way of Connecting High-Definition Devices?

One HDMI cable can replace 10 older cables thus making it preferred the way of connecting high-definition devices. There are no other ports or connectivity options as simple and elegant as the HDMI. Also, HDMI connections transfer uncompressed audio video signal in 100% digital form that gives you audiophile quality sound, pixel-for-pixel video accuracy that translates into the world-class viewing experience.

Two Important Features to Look for When Purchasing a 5 Port HDMI Switch

A 5 port HDMI switch would be a future-ready device for home theater setup. Leading HDMI switch manufacturers integrate advanced technologies in their products to ensure they offer good value for money. Here are two most important features that must be part of HDMI switch you purchase.

·         EDID Management

EDID stands for Extended Display Information Data. The EDID management technology was introduced in desktop monitors where the display communicated its display capabilities to the video card to negotiate compatible video resolutions.

EDID management is also part of HDMI switches. The integration of EDID technology in HDMI switches is important as different HD devices support different resolutions. The Blu-ray discs support up to 2160p while HD disc support maximum resolution up to 480p to 576p. The presence of EDID management in HDMI switch will ensure the HD devices communicate and negotiate compatible video resolution that will result in best picture quality.

·         Intelligent Input Selection

Not all HDMI switches come with a remote control. A remote control is used to select the HDMI source. If the HDMI switch features intelligent input selection, it will automatically select the recently HDMI source you have switched on. All you have to do is switch the HDMI source like Blu-ray player, cable box and sit back to watch the content on your HDTV.

Long story short, a 5 port HDMI switch with important features will make your entertainment experience ( ) more enjoyable by allowing you to connect multiple HDMI sources to your HDTV.

Have we missed any important features in an HDMI switch?

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