Pediatrician in Silver Spring, MD – Take Your Child to Regular Health Checkups

It is always important to keep in mind when to take new-born babies to the clinic for overall check-ups. The total regime is quite rigid. Above all, the babies have the necessity to immunize so that they develop immunity against germs and many diseases. At every two weeks or two months or maybe six months, the parents trot off at the earliest to the doctor’s clinic for overall check-ups. After two years old, it’s still easy. Plus, your child is still getting immunizations during these years.

But after age five, things become less clear. Children generally don’t need any immunizations until they are 12. And, one question is most frequently asked during this period – should you really require to take your children for an annual physical or checkup?

The answer is a big ‘YES’, you should.

The Benefits of Annual Checkups at Pediatrician in Silver Spring, MD

Most parents understand the importance of taking the new-born baby for regular visits to the pediatrician ( ) for the new born's good health. These visits are extremely important in assuring oneself that the baby is growing properly. Moreover, it makes the parents understand that the baby is thriving at the exact developmental level. As the child keeps on growing, these visits become an inevitable part of healthcare. Given below are some of the benefits you must know-

1. Early Diagnosis

One vital reason to fix an annual checkup with a Pediatrician in Silver Spring, MD is that the newly born's health can be properly monitored. If the child has a family history of few conditions like diabetes, it becomes possible for a pediatrician to diagnose it at an early stage and start thinking of curing it. This helps to prevent difficulties caused due to chronic health conditions, such as kidney or eye damage that is caused by undetectable diabetes.

2. Health Screenings

As the child grows, the risk for few medical conditions change. School going children may start developing nearsightedness. A proper vision screening can detect the condition. The pediatrician can conduct screenings for high blood pressure or high cholesterol or the presence of protein quantity in the child’s urine. The child’s height or weight or BMI will also be tracked annually. The information permits the child’s pediatrician to do more testing or start treatments if an ailment is found during health screening test.

3. Monitoring Lifestyle Choices and Behaviors

While doing an annual checkup, the ace Pediatrician in Silver Spring, MD talks to the child about the habits and behaviors. The child is asked casually about exercise they do every day. They even enquire about fruits and vegetables intake in a day. Teenagers are asked questions about the potentially harmful behavior. Sometimes the teenagers are asked about the smoking or drinking habit. The pediatrician tactfully enquire older children and teenagers regarding common issues like self-esteem. They are asked about self-image along with peer pressure. These questions allow the pediatrician to educate the child about substance abuse ( ), or mental health followed by other common issues that growing children face.

So, from now onwards never forget to take your child to annual-checkups… consult a Pediatrician in Silver Spring, MD!

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