Ginseng Root – A Miraculous Herb for the Human Body

Ginseng is a broad term that refers to about a dozen different species of plants that belong to the Panax genus. The plant which is highly valued for its large fleshy roots and is typically found in North America as well as in certain cooler parts of Asia. The ginseng root is the most medicinally valuable part of the plant and can be bought dried in whole or parts. The two most common varieties of ginseng ( ) available in the market as follows.

•  American ginseng - this variety of the herb has tanned, gnarled roots, and is specially known for its cooling and calming properties.

•  Asian ginseng - also popularly known as Red Korean ginseng, it contains ginsenosides in proportions different from that of American ginseng. This variety is considered a hot stimulant according to traditional Chinese medicine.

How the ginseng root helps the body

Ginseng root is an adaptogen that help the body adapt to stressful situations physically and mentally. It makes the metabolism and the immune system more flexible, as a result of which the root is valued in many cultures.

•  Control diabetes – the root of the ginseng plant has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels. It is capable of regulating the intake or absorption of glucose, and helps the body from sudden spikes and drops in blood sugar levels. Through this mechanism, it helps control diabetes

•  Control ageing - another important benefit of the root is that it helps prevent premature aging. Rich in antioxidant properties, ginseng helps prevent the negative effects of free radicals throughout the body.

•  Improve memory – ginseng is extremely helpful in improving cognitive ability. Consumption of any form of the herb stimulates neural activity, which may be difficult to achieve in older age.

•  Lose weight – ginseng root contains a powerful combination of chemicals that have a wide range of effects including suppression of appetite. In dried and powdered form, the herb is able to quickly suppress the hunger hormones that trigger craving for food. This proves extremely helpful to people who are on a weight loss regime.

•  Treat menstrual discomfort - American and Asian ginseng is known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, which help women suffering from extreme menstrual discomfort or cramps. This herb is also helpful in reducing mood swings commonly associated with menstruation and menopausal changes.

How to use ginseng

The ginseng root can be consumed orally or it can be included in supplements, beverages, energy drinks, capsules etc. Its use is considered safe for short terms, and is best taken in cycles with consistent breaks. However, for first time users, it is advisable to start with dosages smaller than those recommended by the manufacturers ( ), and to consult with the general practitioner for any adverse interactions that the herb may have with bodily conditions, or with other medicines that you consume.

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