Three Reasons for Working with Direct Hire Agencies

Every company desires elite candidates to join its workforce.  Today, the job market is candidate driven and skilled people are bombarded with job offers almost every day. Many companies are struggling to find right candidates with a proven track record of success. The solution to this recruitment problem is direct hire agencies.

Here are few reasons that show why working with a direct hiring agency is a smart decision for your company.

Avoid A Bad Hire

The last thing any company wants is a bad hire. Do you know the cost of a bad hire for a company can exceed thousands of dollars?  According to a leading recruitment survey ( VitaminTalent/direct-hire-agencies ), a bad hire costs a company $25,000 or more and it increases with higher positions.

The reasons for bad hire are many. Inadequate reference checks, not testing candidates’ skills enough, the pressure to fill the position quickly are some of the reasons for bad hiring decisions.

When you work with a direct hire agency, it will ensure all candidates sent for the final interviews are tested for their skills mentioned in their resumes. Also, professional recruiters are known to conduct employment and reference checks of candidates before referring them to clients. All this reduces the chance of bad hiring significantly.

Save Time

Time is money and businesses can’t spend months to hire right candidates.  The amount of time is an important metric often overlooked when recruiting.  The shorter that time, the more company can save in form of reduced overtime wages. Also, filling the positions in shorter time means the company productivity does not suffer due to a vacant position.

Forward-thinking direct hire agencies predict and anticipate hiring trends and create a pool of suitable candidates to fill positions.  This is a long-term strategy followed by professional recruiters to be successful in the future. The candidate pool maintained by recruiting agencies has pre-screened candidates which are also tested for skills.

This enables the recruitment agencies to hire in a shorter time in comparison to your internal recruiters and you can fill position in days and not months.

Reduced Overhead Costs

Businesses strive to reduce overhead costs. According to a leading recruiter survey, the cost of hiring new talent ( VitaminTalent/what-we-do ) could be thousands of dollars, if not more. Some of the recruitment expenses that company have to bear is job advertisements, background and reference checks, additional temp staff or overtime pay to existing employees.

When you work with a direct hire agency, they manage all recruitment related tasks which reduce overtime wages and does away with the need to hire temp staff to manage recruitment workload.

The above reasons clearly show working with direct hire agencies is a smart decision that helps companies recruit right people.  The smartest employers use the recruitment agencies to their advantage to win the war for talent in companies.

Do you agree using recruiting agency is a smart decision?

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