Things You Should Know About Email Continuity

Emails are one of the most essential things in a business organization, without which it is hard to imagine a typical work day. Even after years of its inception and heaps of technological advancements ( Securence/Email-continuity ), emails are still relevant in today’s time. Emails are not just relevant but are inevitable for organizations for internal and external communication. Imagine losing access to your work emails even for a few hours. Imagine there is no email for a few hours in your entire organization. The results are going to outrageous because we cannot afford to lose email access during crucial work hours. Email continuity is the only solution for unprecedented events like this and here’s everything you need to know about it.

What is Email Continuity?

It is a service provided by email service providers to organizations that operate their own email servers. It is a backup arrangement which can be used in times of email crisis to not lose out on a single mail. The backup is provided by a backup email server that is hosted by the service provider. Generally, the backup servers are hosted on the cloud and provide email continuity services to a number of organizations that require email access 24/7/365.

Why is it necessary?

The biggest reason why business organizations need it because they cannot afford to lose out on any emails. Since most of these organizations have their own email servers, they must also accept the fact that at some point this main server is going to have some issue and breakdown. Given the unpredictability of this situation and the sheer importance of having 24/7 email access, email continuity services become very necessary for business organizations.

What are the benefits of this service?

Email continuity services have many benefits to offer apart from offering a backup server. Few are listed below:

● Immediate: The backup servers provided as a part of the service take over soon after the main email server has some issue. Thus the transition is almost instantaneous, meaning you don’t have to lose any mails.

● Unlimited: There is no limit on the mailbox size or the number of users you want to register for the service. Thus, your employees wouldn’t even be aware of a server outage when it happens since email continuity services are providing all the email services that they need.

● Easy: There is no additional hardware or software installation needed along with these services. The backup server is hosted and maintained by the email service provider. The email continuity service will be deployed into your current email system ( ), thus allowing your employees to use their primary email address without any changes.

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