Why People Across the World Consider American Ginseng As the Best in Ginseng Group

As of today, more than 8 million Americans consume American Ginseng in various methods and means on regular basis, while a large part of is used by pharmaceutical companies, herbal medicine producers, and soft drink markers. The extract and oil of American Ginseng ( www.Hsuginseng.com/American-ginseng ) is also used an essential ingredient in cosmetics and soaps. In the recent years, it has also been declared as an endangered high value species in some States in the United States.

For over the centuries in different medical researches it has been found that Ginseng tree root can be extremely beneficial to human health in different ways. In fact, the majority of the root is taken in varieties of means like while many people intake raw peeled ginseng root, it is also taken in the form of liquid extract and preparing beverage. With high-class therapeutic innate properties, American ginseng root can benefit us in the following ways:

Wonderful to Heighten Immune System

In several medical studies, this has been testified that American ginseng has super power to boost functions of cells linked to betterment of immune system, which is essential for a human body in resisting varieties of infections, bacteria invade and diseases. The research findings of University of Maryland Medical Center shows that consumption of American ginseng can help people fight against cold and flu.

Reduces Growth of Cancerous Tumor

With its anti-cancer properties, American ginseng has steady power to slow down the rate of tumor growth that occurs in various human body parts. In plenty of medical studies, it has been proven that application of the extract of the herb on humans who are suffering from cancerous tumors can lessen the growth of tumor cells. While ginseng containing ginsenosides is effective for gastric cancers, ginsenoside /Rg1 has been found highly helpful to address breast cancer cells by ceasing the cell growth.

Neurological Disorders

When it comes to the scary neurological and brain based disorders of child like ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADD, a parents’ nightmare, the use of American ginseng together with ginkgo biloba can be helpful. This has been researched and reported by the UMMC (University of Maryland Medical Center). Ginseng is wonderful to lessen mental stress, strain, and fatigue, apart from healing cognitive diseases, disorders, and conditions. In the research finding of Wilkes University, it has been noted that the wild herb can modulate issues of Alzheimer's disease also ( www.Hsuginseng.com/About ), which is a widespread elderly mental disorder.

Administers Blood Sugar Level

People suffering from Type 2 diabetes can lower their blood sugar level in a steady manner with the use of American ginseng as stated by University of Maryland Medical Center backed by their long research. The UMMC also finds in another study that American ginseng can effectively increase carbohydrate tolerance in people with diabetes. Millions of people nowadays use American ginseng to manage blood insulin and obese.

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