Benefits of Using a Cold Therapy Machine for Recovery

The rehabilitation process after orthopedic surgeries or injuries is very crucial for a speedy recovery. Use of pain medication along with ice therapy ( ) is popular for post-surgical rehabilitation. But this may not be ideal way to heal injuries.

Problems with Traditional Post-Surgical Recovery Methods

Anyone who has used ice packs on injuries can attest to the fact the process can be messy and tedious. Ice packs begin to drip after a few minutes, which is not only inconvenient but also increases infection risk on injury or surgical sites. You also need to fill the pack repeatedly as the ice melts. Uneven shape of ice packs is also not very effective to use on body contours. You also need to sit and hold the ice pack in place when using it.

Prescription pain medicines can only minimize pain and do not help with the recovery process. These pills can also be addictive if used extensively.

These traditional methods of post-surgical recovery offer fewer benefits and more inconvenience. Fortunately, there is a better way.

Benefits of Using Cold Therapy Machines

Cold therapy machines offer a better alternative to traditional ice packs. They offers the benefits of cold therapy but in a more efficient and convenient manner.

You can use cold therapy machines without needing to replenish ice every 15 minutes or so. The use of technology in ice pads makes it possible for users to continue to enjoy the benefits of ice therapy uninterrupted. The machine continuously circulates cold water around the injury site via pads. Use of cold therapy machines is also ideal for reducing swelling on surgical sites. It can also provide relief from muscle spasms and pain.

Another benefit of cold therapy machines is that they are easy and convenient to use. You just need to fill the pump with water and ice as mentioned in the instruction manual. After that you can simply plug it in to initiate the circulation process inside the machine.

Due to its portability feature, you don’t need to confine yourself to your home to use a ( ) cold therapy machine. You just need an electric outlet to use the machine anywhere you like. You can even use it in the car with the help of auto adapter provided by the company.

The shape of the machine makes it possible to use it both below and above injury sites. The use of pads makes it very comfortable to use be it on your back, shoulders, or knees. The machine’s shape and the technology also make it an efficient means to administer cold therapy for orthopedic injuries.

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