All That You Should Know About Type II Anodizing Expert Services

Type II anodizing procedure involves generation of an oxide layer with the passing of DC (Direct Current) through sulfuric acid diluted electrolytic solution while the aluminum part acts as the positive (+) electrode. (The anode: that originates the expression ‘anodizing’). Passing of electrical current results in release of H2, hydrogen at (cathode) and O (oxygen) on the surface of the aluminum part and thus create a deposit of aluminum oxide.

How it Works

With a different approach of electro-metallic plating ( ), whereas plating build-up is done over the base metal body; anodizing coating is intended to penetrate as well as grow an oxide coat of aluminum on the base metal. The global standard ratio of anodic coating growth and penetration is typically 1:1. However, depending on one’s customized requirement, a Type II anodizing expert can produce change in the proportion. With color dyes, penetration and growth can be uplifted to 67% and 33% respectively.

Proper creation and development of aluminum anodizing not only offers a greater visual but also makes them highly resistive to possible corrosion, abrasion all types of scratches apart from being an excellent electrical insulator. Furthermore, Type-II anodizing exhibits high performance, when it comes to absorption of color on the desired metal base. This is demanding in the industry to create decorative finishes of home appliances to gadgets. In such case, the pores over the base are utilized to build-up dye layer before finishing. This offers highly desirable outcome with intensely rich enduring color anodizing.

Undeniably, Type II anodizing expert service has been increasingly demanding all over the world. The major industries that need backup of Type II anodizing include Automotive, Home appliance, and Aerospace, Electrical, and Computer devices. Marine produces, Military weapons, Optical components, Machinery or Mechanical hardware ( ), Hydraulic valve and components.

Key Benefits of Type II Anodizing Expert Services

•  Offers high class aesthetic appearance

•  Great for black or color dyeing

•  Less expensive opposed to all other types of anodizing process.

•  Works as an electrical insulator

•  Boasts high resistance to corrosion, deterioration and oxidation

•  Ability to stand high temperature that makes for ideal for home appliance

•  Other alloy products can be finished

•  Hurdy than chromic anodizing

•  Eco friendly

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