What Are the Unparalleled Benefits of Outfitting your Home with Reclaimed Wood Vanity?

No wonder, millions of homeowners these days prefer using reclaimed wood vanity with a view to display their natural look and distressed appearance as a style complement. The weathered appearance of these reclaimed woods can be effectively used for vacation log cabin, rustic home ( www.FoxDenDecor.com/Reclaimed-wood-vanity ), bathroom countertops and even in homes that demonstrate combination of trend and rustic or industrial look furnishing.

These reclaimed woods come from tumbledown burns, old buildings, shipyards, and railway sleepers, farmhouse, factories etc. They are, in fact, distressed, but stronger then the woods used in today’s furniture and fixture. They are the group of classic collections of Hardwood, Tick, Pine, and Mahogany, which has been priceless now.

Individuality and Naturalness

The foremost uniqueness of reclaimed wood is their individuality. No two logs are identical which bring a special texture, naturalness and feel in your bathroom. With their historical background, you can find reclaimed wood vanity with visible nail holes, wear marks, or barrel maker’s stamp, which are natural art works and nothing intimate. In hundreds of thousands of houses, you will find them used in contrast with granite tops, walling with lamination or in wall-mounted mirror in small to master baths.

Exciting Background

Most of these salvaged woods used in reclaimed wood vanity take you back to histories of its users, talks about the community life, their lifestyle that characterize your home with a specialty. You will be simply thrilled to know that the woods used in your vanity or powder room shower basement has been collected from the vacation home of some renowned personality or historical figure. You will be delighted to tell those stories being nostalgic to your friends and guests making them awestruck.

Highly Resilient

One of the most appealing features of reclaimed wood it has is toughness that can nonchalantly replace the most costly wooden furniture displayed in major furnishing showrooms today. With hardwearing nature, they are less prone to possible shrinkage, bending or twisting to unavoidable exposure to moisture of a bathroom.

Naturally Exotic

As you now understand that reclaimed timbers are rare collections from bygone trees, which you can hardly, find in commercially available wooden species. With the running down of more and more forests to bring in the urban life, the accessibility to forestry has been difficult. However, with reclaimed wood vanity and furnishing you can get experience their natural exotic feel, rare aroma of oak and hardwood infused in your vanity set.

Foster Environment

Prepared with reclaimed wood vanity, basically, you reuse the precious timber that could have gone to landfills. On the contrary, you stay away from buying newly wooden furniture ( www.FoxDenDecor.com/Shop ) and thus, communicate your silent message to prevent our forests and save the environment from intensely hiking of greenhouse, deforestation, ecological imbalance.

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