How can a Property Damage Lawyer Help When my Claim is Denied?

Property damage is a regular occurrence, especially since it seems we have to deal with an increase in natural disasters like sinkholes, hurricanes, and mudslides. When a calamity such as these destroys your property, it can cost you a lot of money in repairs and out-of-pocket expenses. This is why you have sufficient property damage coverage to protect yourself. This is great, but the problem is that insurance companies aren't' always keen on doing what they're supposed to do. You pay for coverage, but when you make a claim for damages ( ), it can get denied. So instead of being compensated, you're on the line for all the costs. This is where a property damage lawyer can help.

Property damage lawyers know the law, but more importantly, they're knowledgeable about insurance law, which can be quite complicated. The wording is often tricky and hard to understand by lay persons.

When to Look for a Property Damage Lawyer

You should always consult a property damage lawyer as soon as you receive any type of property damage to your house or property. If you've already submitted your claim and have been denied, you should contact a lawyer today.

In both instances, the longer you wait, the more you might suffer financially. A consultation with a property lawyer is free, so you might as well get expert advice. However, it's important to note you should also contact a property damage lawyer if your insurance company makes you an offer for damages. The insurance company wants to pay out the least amount they think they can get away with.

A property damage lawyer helps you maximize the amount of money the insurance company pays you.

How Else can a Property Damage Lawyer Help?

A lawyer will review your situation by asking you questions. They will also want to see your policy. They'll investigate your property damage to evaluate your repair costs and cash value. A lawyer will also prepare your insurance forms and file them for you. A property damage lawyer explains your options to help you make an informed decision about your case.

Ideally it's a good idea to speak with a property damage lawyer before you sign your insurance policy. Insurance company executives are highly skilled at looking for evidence to use against you when you make a claim ( ), so it's beneficial to make sure you're covered for disasters and you know exactly how much coverage you have.

Below is a list of common natural disasters:

Common Property Damage Covered by House Insurance

•  Earthquake damages

•  Tornadoes

•  Hurricanes

•  Mudslides

•  Sinkholes

•  Water damage

•  Bacteria

•  Mold

•  Foundation cracks

•  Fires

If you hire a property damage lawyer they will act on your behalf whenever you have to deal with an insurance company. They are effective and well accustomed with loopholes in insurance policies.

If your property claim has been denied, contact a property damage lawyer today.

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