Is Working with Marketing Recruitment Agencies Worth It?

If you want your sales to take off, you need a strong marketing team to nurture existing customers and attract new ones to beat the competition. As per a report, 50% of businesses face difficulty in finding marketing professionals with the right marketing skills and experience.

If you are looking for marketing talent, you can either rely on in-house recruiters or partner with marketing recruitment agencies.  Recruiting agencies charge companies ( Vitamintalent.Com/Marketing-Recruiting-Firms ) for every hire which is not the case with in-house recruiters. Let’s see whether using professional recruiters is worth your organization’s money.

Subject Matter Expertise

Marketing recruiting agencies are specialist recruiters who are adept at hiring for marketing positions. Leading marketing staffing agencies have deeper networks that enable them to reach passive candidates who are working elsewhere. Businesses prefer passive candidates as they have updated knowledge about latest marketing tools and strategies.

Marketing recruitment agencies come with deep domain knowledge that helps them find perfect matches for job descriptions that bring immediate value to your marketing team. They can find candidates with knowledge of the latest marketing trends and who are looking for bigger opportunity and responsibility.

Spend Your Time on What You Do Best

Recruitment is not an easy task. It requires your staff to spend long hours on unproductive tasks like scanning and sorting resumes, communicating with potential candidates, and making arrangement for interviews. When you work with marketing recruiting agencies, they handle all recruitment related tasks and your staff is free to concentrate on important work.

You Would Save Money in the Process

Many companies think the biggest expense in recruitment is the cost of a recruitment agency commission. They do not consider several direct and indirect costs in hiring that add up and hit the bottom line. If you look at the full picture, working with marketing staffing agencies actually saves money in the long haul.

Marketing recruitment agencies absorb some costs like the background and criminal check expenses.  Your organization is also not required to hire temp workers to manage the workload of recruitment related tasks that lead to huge savings.

100% Refund or Free Replacement

Recruitment agencies are highly driven by results and work hard to keep their clients happy. Many leading staffing agencies offer 100% refund to their clients if any candidate leaves the job within 3 months or agreed time period. Some professional recruiters offer free replacement candidates at no extra cost. The 100% rebate or the free replacement candidates helps businesses cover up for losses due to attrition.

Quality Candidates

Marketing recruitment agencies maintain a huge database of hot candidates who are looking for a change and come with robust marketing skills and experience. Recruitment agencies are known to test candidates for skills and also verify their education and experience credentials ( Vitamintalent.Com/What-We-Do ) that reduce the risk of bad hires. This means you get only high-quality candidates.

Professional recruiters invest in advanced recruitment technology that might not be possible for in-house recruiters. There is no doubt working with marketing recruitment agencies brings in several benefits that can help you build a strong marketing team.

Have you hired a marketing recruiting agency before?

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