Corporate Video Production Companies: Your One-Stop Shop for All Things Corporate Video Production

Videos are the new images. The medium of story telling that was once predominantly used for film, ads, or TV content is now the hottest choice for conveying ideas of all sorts. The attention that a video garners within a few seconds is exactly what makes it so exciting. Most of the video production for corporate companies is not done in-house but outsourced to agencies that specialize in video production and help their corporate clients in many ways. Here are five types of videos that they help with.

·  Brand films, corporate videos, or industry documentary

Videos are tools that help greatly in creating brand awareness. Be it for commercial or non-commercial purposes ( ), they speak volumes about the organization, the products or services that it offers and its people. While brand films are particularly used to target a specific audience or establish a connection with a target market, corporate videos are often shared with potential clients or investors to help them get a quick sneak-peek into the organization, it’s capabilities and expertise. Corporate documentaries often used to educate on an organization’s mission, highlight production and service capabilities, or take a deeper dive on a key topic area.

·  Interviews of key staff

Founders, board of directors, and management teams form the pillars of corporate organizations. Often for public relations or promotional purposes, these key people are required to face the camera and speak about various facets of the business or the roles that they play in the organization in an interview format. A corporate video production company helps by preparing the script, setting up the shoot location, coaching executives and spokespeople, to capture the video content, and then managing the post-production and editing process before the video is ready for release.

·  Cinematic overview of organizations

Videos are a great tool not just to attract customers and investors, but also the right talent. The organization, its culture, and the people are often captured from a cinematic perspective to convey a story to prospective employees. Such video formats are used extensively by large corporate companies when they want to attract new talent to join their team.

·  Thought leadership videos for social media distribution

The impression that even a quick video snippet creates through social media is huge. Exactly why business and non-profit organizations look to add brand value through thought a leadership series. Many of these web series get key spokespersons to give short and crisp talks about current topics relevant to their industry. Such videos are used for promotional purposes ( ), and also attract lot of viewers via organic shares on social media. Corporate video production companies will typically help with everything needed for these kinds of video productions providing an A to Z solution. Additionally, corporate video production companies will have the experience to shoot these types of thought-leadership videos anywhere from a corporate office, tradeshow, or even in the field.

As evident from the above, the right corporate video production companies can partner with you to provide a full-service solution and allow you to leverage video with ease.

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