Managing Shoulder Pain with Cold Therapy

Shoulder pain can occur due to surgeries, sport injuries, and even everyday activities. Shoulder pain is not something you can ignore. Cold therapy is not only useful in providing relief from muscle pain in the shoulders but also speed up recovery after surgeries.

Using Cold Therapy for Shoulder Pain

When shoulder pain becomes unbearable, a surgery may be necessary for relief.

Rotator cuff surgeries are extremely common as the pain in these shoulder tendons can occur due to many reasons. These causes can be repetitive activities involving rotator cuff tendons ( ), heavy lifting on a regular basis, general wear and tear, or age-related damage. People in construction jobs, house painting, or carpentry can damage their rotator cuffs. Playing sports such as tennis and baseball can also cause shoulder injuries. Shoulder replacement surgery is often necessary due to severe arthritis. Frozen shoulders, fractures, and tissue damage can require surgery or long-term pain management.

Cold therapy is extremely beneficial in reducing pain after surgeries and making the recovery period tolerable. Cold therapy can reduce surgical swelling and reduce pain in the shoulders. Cold therapy can temporarily numb the nerves in the shoulders and speed up the healing process. The application of cold temperature on injury sites can also reduce swelling and lessen the pain considerably.

The best way to use cold therapy on shoulders is through special machines designed for this purpose. An ice machine for shoulder is a cold therapy unit that can deliver cool temperatures on the injury site in the most efficient manner. When you can speed up your healing, you don’t need to rely on medications to reduce surgical or injury pain.

Cold Therapy Machines for Shoulder Pain

Cold therapy machines are advanced methods to utilize cold therapy for speedy healing after injuries and surgeries. Of course, not all machines are made with the same advanced mechanisms. Some cold therapy machines are better than others in delivering cooler temperatures more thoroughly to the treatment site. For example, an ice machine for shoulder from IsoComforter is designed for maximum impact on injuries with more convenience for the user.

IsoComforter’s ice machines for shoulders come equipped with a special pad that can cover the shoulders from all sides and deliver cold therapy more efficiently. The healing pads are designed using the patented Iso-Tube technology that delivers cold therapy ( ) in a safe and convenient manner. The pads consist of ridges to provide the ideal contact with the skin. The design makes it tolerable to use cold therapy for prolonged periods of time. You also don’t need to replenish ice in the machine every now and then as opposed to when you use an ice bag for cold therapy.

Cold therapy machines are better to use than ice packs because they are more efficient. An ice machine for shoulder can help the cold reach deeper into your tissues for speedy recovery. Optimal cold therapy can also reduce swelling really fast to reduce pain in the surgical or injury site.

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