An Ideal Solution to Your Trouble of Watering Plants Every Day

Water Blossom is a scientific method of watering your plants. It uses a flower shaped basin which draws the water into a stem and the stem is inserted into the soil. The design of the flower basin makes it easier for water to flow into the soil. The stem has a pointed tip which remains sturdy into the soil and it has multiple pores; thus making it easier for water to flow in all the directions. This not only ensures sufficient supply of water ( ), but also stops the water from evaporating. The water reaches below the soil and will remain there for a long time. With this method, you will not be required to water your plants again and again. When the water reaches the roots, the plant grows healthy and strong. In the traditional method, even if you make it a point to water your plants every day, the water eventually evaporates and does not reach into the roots. This leads to the plants drying up and wastes your time, efforts and water.

The Water Blossom technique uses a root waterer that is not only convenient to use, but also long lasting. It is available in the shape of a flower which will add an aesthetic appeal to your garden and brighten up the space. You can also mix water and fertilizers and pour it into the flower. The technique has been scientifically proven and shows significant improvement in the growth of the plant. You will notice healthier and greener plants with this method of watering. The root waterer is ideal for indoor plants as well as outdoor plants. It should not be used where the rock is hard since the stem will not be able to penetrate inside the soil. Depending on the size and type of plant, the size of the stem should be chosen. You can also relocate the water blossom into a different plant. You only need to remove the stem and the flower basin from one plant and relocate it into another plant. The flower basin is long lasting and highly durable. It is ideal to buy sets of the flower basin and use it across the plants. It is easy and convenient to clean. All you need to do is pull the basin and stem out of the plant ( waterblossomcreations/our-story ) and clean it thoroughly. You can simply run water through the stem to clear the dirt from it. It can be easily reassembled and inserted into the soil. It will be easier to insert and remove the stem when the soil is wet.

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