Features to Consider Before Choosing Cheapest Exchange Archiving Solutions!

Exchange Archiving is a latest cloud-based, enterprise-class archiving solution in town. This Exchange Online Archiving system is not just fast but highly user-friendly in nature. A perfect email archiving solution should be highly powerful in nature; it should be fit for all types of business. It should be a cheapest exchange archiving solution rich in compliance benefits of email archiving ( ) at no extra setup cost as well as no running costs.

If you are looking for the best and cheapest Exchange Archiving solution, then you need to look for the following features, such as:

Archive Mailbox feature:

1.  An Archive Mailbox can be found alongside the user’s Inbox in Outlook or the Outlook Web App.

2.  This Archive Mailbox enables its users to manually archive the mail even if they reach their Inbox limit if one is imposed.

3.  This is an advanced level feature which easily moves the two years old emails automatically to the archive mailbox.

4.  It enables the users to easily reduce the size and improves the performance of the primary mailbox by moving the email items to the archive mailbox automatically. This feature can be found in cheapest Exchange Archiving solution.

Deleted Item recovery-

1.  The item recovery is one of the best features found in cheapest Exchange Archiving solution as it allows the users to restore the deleted items easily from any email folder in their archive.

2.  As the deleted items stay in the archive’s Deleted Items folder until and unless they are removed manually or removed by the set retention policies.

3.  Even if the file is deleted from the archive’s Deleted Items folder, it stays in the archive’s Recoverable Items folder for a period of 14 days before being permanently removed. These items can be easily recovered by making the use of Recover Deleted Items feature.

4.  Another feature Single Item Recovery is available, it allows its administrators to conduct a multi-mailbox search in order to find purged items and then make use of Search-Mailbox Windows PowerShell cmdlet to move the items from the discovery mailbox to users’ mailboxes.

Deleted Mailbox recovery feature:

In case the administrators delete the users from the on-premises Exchange Server, the users’ archives also gets deleted. In such cases, the Office 365 support team is available to help in the recovery of deleted archive mailboxes.  The recovered archive will be a group of all the mail stored in it when it was deleted.

Mailbox service redundancy feature:

1.  In the world of Exchange Online Archiving ( ), the Archive mailboxes are presented in the form of a replica of multiple database copies in geographically dispersed Microsoft data centers.

2.  It also provides data restoration capability at the time of messaging infrastructure failure. For the higher- scale failures, the business continuity management is initiated.

So, never forget to consider these features before you go a good Exchange Archiving solution!

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