Things to Consider before Selecting a Hosted Exchange Provider

There are various hosted Exchange solutions ( ) available for businesses. So, how do you decide on the right solution that works the best for your organization? From features, benefits, and cost factors; there are many variables to think about before investing in a hosted Exchange solution.

Consider the following points before you selecting a hosted Exchange provider.


Does the hosted Exchange provider operate its own data centers? What kind of support do they offer to their clients?

Not all hosted Exchange providers operate their own data centers. Some choose to outsource it to third-party operators. It can make all the difference in the security and reliability of a service. If you are comfortable with another company handling your data (about which you know nothing) then you can opt for any provider. But if you want your hosted Exchange provider to handle the servers directly then remember to ask about this little detail before you select a solution for your company.

As a business owner, you can also rest easy if the provider offers direct and reliable support in the most efficient manner. If you encounter a problem with the service, you should be able to reach out to the provider’s operating support staff at your convenience. Some providers may offer live help; others may provide quick resolution to your problems.

What is the service for initial setup by the provider? Do they offer adequate support and help you establish accounts, distribution groups, and aliases?


Some providers offer comprehensive services that include full account administration. Others may also provide self-administrative tools in case companies may wish to handle their own accounts. The features must be easy to use too. You should be able to manage the contact list, password resets, and account modifications with relative ease.

Look for features like email filtering and email continuity services. Email filtering can protect your business from all possible threats from inbound and outbound emails. Continuity services can enable you to use emails when your mail servers are down due to any reason.

Would you be able to recover deleted items? What is the period available for the recovery? Look for a minimum period of two weeks for recovering deleted items. What is the size of the mailbox? Ideally, you should choose a provider that offers you unlimited storage at affordable rates. Also, check the functionalities for shared contacts, public folders, calendars, and tasks.


Hosted Exchange solutions ( ) can cost a lot of money if you end up with a provider not suited for your needs. Does the cost work out for you on the basis of the features offered? Does the provider offer options for limited-period free trials and varied payment options?

Perhaps you will be more comfortable with a provider that gives you an option to pay on a monthly basis rather than making a long-term commitment straightaway.

Carefully consider these aspects before choosing a Hosted Exchange solution for your company.

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