Creative Writing Workshops for Business

Large and medium organizations face a unique challenge when considering the professional development ( ) of their employees. This is the importance of creativity among the workforce. Today’s best companies are judged by the yardstick of creative challenges which they offer to the average employee.

Why is Creativity important in the Workplace?

Employees are the heart and soul of any organization. Every day they turn up for work and commit to solving challenges while working towards a common goal- the organization’s progress. Often the daily work routine grinds down the workers and they are not able to respond innovatively to fresh challenges and disruptions. This results in a bureaucratic approach to the issue and a lot of time is wasted in resolving problems. The upper management would always want their work force to be fresh and creative in their approach to their work. After all, a happy and committed employee can work wonders for any organization.

While the earlier approach towards creativity in the workplace was to enforce conformity and leave creative pursuits to be taken up in spare time, management approaches by new corporations like Facebook and Google have intrigued companies. Google for example pays its employees to come up with innovative side projects that are unconnected to their usual work.

How can Creative Workshops Help Employees?

Creative workshops teach employees the right way to go about the creative process at work. Generally speaking, fostering a creative approach tends to be a neglected part of working life. So understanding creative working and its pathways becomes an important part of the work process.  Creativity training uses practical exercises for the participants to approach the problem they face at work. These exercises and games are done in groups and individually.

Benefits of Creativity Training

Creativity training teaches its participants to find joy in their work as well as to improve their work flow process. A creative employee finds satisfaction in carrying the work out to its completion and is able to spot gaps in the process and suggest innovations in the workplace. They are also able to rise fast in the corporate ladder. They are able to help other employees with their work as well. Creativity training emphasizes the importance of team work in solving a problem as well as to remove bureaucratic obstacles at work. They also enjoy better mental health as the workplace stress does not affect them too much. Overall, creative workers are great assets to any organization.

Organizations need a new approach to employee training to prevent problems like low morale, burnout and attrition. In addition to upgrading technical skills ( ), soft skills also need attention. Creativity training is one of the intuitive solutions which can show quick results when enforced correctly.

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