Why Hiring Freelance Web Designers in Los Angeles is a Good Idea

Having a functional website is not enough to achieve success. Usability, design, appearance, and visibility are some of the important factors that should not be overlooked when designing a website.

You might be thinking there is no difference between hiring a web design agency or a freelancer. Here are some factors that show why hiring freelancers for website design is a good idea.


Besides direct salary costs, a web design agency might have overhead costs like rent of the premises, office maintenance costs, and several other costs. Web design agencies ( www.vitamintalent.com/Freelance-graphic-designer ) need to generate higher revenue to cover the costs and this is the reason they are more likely to charge a higher fee to their clients.

On the other hand, most freelancers are able to offer you lower costs as they do not have many overhead costs like web design agencies do. This allows them to pass on the savings to the clients in form of low costs.


Freelancers can take decisions faster and work faster on the project in comparison to a web design firm. At web design agencies, web designers only follow instructions passed on by their project manager. In many cases, project managers manage multiple projects at a time and this can result in delays in deliveries.


When you hire freelance web designers in Los Angeles, you have direct communication with the person actually working on your website. This means your instructions and ideas directly reach the person designing your website.

When you hire a web design firm, you have a direct communication link with the project manager who then communicates with the website design team. This leaves a lot of room for miscommunication and delays that might affect the timeline and quality of output.


The quality of the work you receive depends entirely on the nature of the design agency and the freelancer you choose. A look at the design portfolio can tell you a lot about the creative abilities of the web designer.

When the freelancer provides you a design portfolio, all work done in the past belongs to the freelancer. When you look at the portfolio of the design agency, the creative work done in the past might not be necessarily done by the professional team currently working on your project. It is also possible the freelancers who created amazing designs in the portfolio left the organization long time back.

These are some benefits of hiring freelance web designers in Los Angeles.  Though web design agencies provide the same services through a team of specialists ( www.vitamintalent.com/What-we-do ), freelancers can deliver the same project much faster and at lower costs without sacrificing the quality of the output.

Do you know other benefits of working with freelancer web designers? Please feel free to comment.

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