Email Archiving: The Best Email Feature You Never Use

Email archiving refers to the act of saving and protecting the data contained in the emails. It helps in fast retrieval of data in case of loss of data. The email archiving solutions ( Securence/Email-Archiving ) simply capture the data from the email content and stores in on magnetic disk. These messages have an easy searchable access to them. Email archiving is helpful to protect critical data. Email archiving ensures the safest way and most affordable way to store inbound and outbound messages. Email archiving is important in all business sectors, such as legal, accounting and financial services. It protects critical data and retains them for easy retrieval when the need arises.

The following are the benefits which makes email archiving very important:

1.  Storage requirements-

Email archive solutions use different techniques to reduce the amount of storage required. The compression techniques compress an email and its attachments before it is archived. It saves up to 50% of the storage area.

2.  Server performance improvement-

Moving the emails out of the live environment will help to improve the performance of your email server. The emails can be deleted from the main server once the archive process is complete.

3.  Simplified backup and restore procedure-

A single click feature can help you restore the archive emails to the inbox. It saves a lot of time to backup emails through the process of recovery. It also stores the emails dually. The emails are secured and transported tamper proof in their original state in the archive department.

4.  Faster search -

The email archive solutions provide a basic search feature to retrieve the stored data. You can search the archive emails using the email address, attachment name, and the words within the document attached in the email. This provides an easy search and retrieval process, to retrieve the emails in an easier and quicker manner.

5.  Tamper-proof -

This is an essential feature of email archive solutions. The emails in the archive folder cannot be altered. All emails in the archive are tamper –proof. All emails need to be digitally signed to be able to access them for use.

6.  Accidental data loss prevention -

It can happen that by mistake important emails are deleted. This can lead to loss of valuable data. If these emails have been archived, you need not worry about it at all. The email archiving solutions automatically stores all the emails which you can easily retrieve when the need arises.

Archiving emails has a wealth of benefits. Archiving mails also keeps your inbox clean. Email archiving is central to the business nowadays and significantly improves the performance of the email servers. Email archiving provides a comprehensive solution to meet the business needs. Expanding and development of email archiving has been evolved since 2003 ( Securence/Hosted-exchange-solution ), and it has been used since then by all the organizations. It has proved to be one of the most effective email storage systems.

7. Cost effective -

Using external hardware to store email was an expensive way for storage of data. But the introduction of email archiving solutions has considerable reduced this. The storage costs are reduced up to 80%.

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