Hosted Exchange - The Salient Features to Watch Out For!

Microsoft is the first providers of the hosted exchange email solutions. It forms an integral part to your businesses security system. Emails play a vital role in every business organization. Important and confidential data are exchanged online through a public or private network ( ), and hence it is very important to establish security while using emails as a mode of communication to prevent unauthorized access and misuse of the data. When the Exchange server goes down, you need an alternative to keep the emails and business in continuity. Hosted exchange solutions are here to meet these challenges. The hosted exchange solutions come with the following features:

1.  It provides full exchange functionality- It helps to easily share contacts, calendar, public folders etc.

2.  The self administration tool- This feature is very helpful to create and manage users and the settings of the email server.

3.  Storage- It provides an unlimited storage capacity in your mailbox.

4.  Personalized email address- This feature allows you to create your own personal email address and not the name of the free webmail like Gmail. For instance you need not have an email addresses @gmail, with a hosted exchange solution. You can make use of your own website’s domain name.

5.  Large attachments- This hosted email solutions will allow you to send much larger email attachments compared to the free webmail allowances.

6.  Improved security- The hostage protocol solutions offer anti -virus and anti-spam features to provide fully reliable and secure email communications.

7.  Integrated with skype- The hostage protocol comes with an integrated skype feature to allow instant video communications for users using the instant message and video calling features.

Hosted exchange solutions are in high demand, due to the numerous benefits that it has to offer to its users. If you want a powerful email but you lack the technical knowledge or have lower budgets, this is the perfect solution for your organization:

●  Cost effective – hosted exchange solutions are cost effective for small business and big ones too.

●  No technical knowledge required- hosted exchange solutions are easy to manage and do not require extensive knowledge of technical nature.

●  On the move technology- unlike a POP email option, this allows you to access the mail server anytime anywhere. It allows you to access the calendars, contacts, folders etc. from any device. It is a huge benefit to the user to be able to coordinate with business emails ( ) while they are on the move using their portable devices like a laptop or any mobile phone.

●  Mailbox features- the hosted protocol solutions offers a wide range of mailbox features. These include anti-virus protection, anti-spam protection, autoresponders, backup and email archive features etc.

Hosted exchange systems will make your life easy and increase the productivity of your business by keeping the costs down and managing the backup servers and providing fully reliable secured connections. It is also a much easier tool to use than the traditional email tools like a POP email.

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