The Perfect Bridal Underwear for Every Bride

As a bride, you are the centre of all attention and it becomes imperative for you to look and feel your best on your special day. Your wedding gown, hair, makeup, and accessories are what people notice outward, but inside your favourite clothing are elements that accentuate what’s visible outside – the bridal underwear. Every bride is different ( theconfectionery/bridal-underwear ), and so are her needs and tastes. Here are four different kinds of brides, and the perfect bridal underwear style for each of them.

The traditional bride

The traditional bride is someone who holds classics close to her heart. With a penchant for style and elegance, this woman embraces traditional beauty. A classic A-line gown or one with minimal detailing is what the traditional bride prefers. If you are a bride of this kind, classic bridal lingerie is what you should wear under your wedding clothes. A lacy balconette bra in white or off-white paired with a sensuous, yet comfortable panty or thong is just perfect for your style and sensibilities.

The contemporary bride

The new age or modern bride revels in minimalism and all things understated. She makes her statement with chic and trendy designs plus a touch of sophistication. Figure-hugging silhouettes, clean lines, and luxurious fabrics with a hint of detailing are what a contemporary bride loves. If your tastes align with that of the modern bride, pick shape-enhancing bridal underwear. Underwired and push-up bras in rich fabrics, delicate bikinis with suspenders and garter belts, and shaping underwear are what just what you need to slay it on your big day.

The romantic bride

The romantic bride is a woman whose motto is ‘it’s all in the detail.’ Her heart wells up with love for gowns that showcase intricate, elaborate, and fine handiwork, embellishments, lace detailing, frills, layers, tulles, silks, georgettes, and what not. She loves glamour and flushes with pride when the attention is on her alone. If your style resonates with that of the romantic bride, choose bridal underwear sets that are rich in detail. Think intricate laces, hand embroidery, peek-a-boo detailing, and bow ties that elevate your style quotient to a whole new level.

The sassy bride

Exuding bold vibes, the sassy bride makes a statement on her wedding day with styles that are unique and personal. She dares to be different and loves exploring and flaunting unconventional designs. The gown isn’t strictly white or off-white, neither is the silhouette, which can be a mix of two more styles or something completely out of the blue. If your styles and tastes match that of a sassy bride, pick sheer or coloured lingerie. Pastel hues pair extremely well with bridal gowns – so you can choose from, blues, pinks, greys, creams, and many others to match your outfit and mood. You could also play around with bridal underwear ( ) that has embellishments such as sequins, ribbons, bows, and the like.

Figure out which kind of bride you are and rock your big day wearing bridal underwear that you love.

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