An Array of Advantages That Makes Liquid Painting Service the Leader in Coating World

Wet painting has been regarded of being the most conventional procedure of metal coating and has been employed by a series of industries for more than centuries. Backed its further evolvements in terms of means, mechanism, and approach, liquid painting service ( ) has emerged as one of the top demanding painting solutions right from heavy industries like automobile, defense, engineering, home appliances to enterprises involved in sheet metal fabrication jobs.

The procedure involves using of sprayers, airless sprayer systems, pump aside from certain chemical agents and varieties of paints. Akin to powder coating, in liquid painting too, metal surfaces are thoroughly wiped manually as well by chemical application. Following this, by means of varies kinds of sprayers (as per need) the liquid paint color is blasted onto the substrate uniformly that produces a film of 15-20 micros.

Advantages of Liquid Paining Service

If we at all compare, it should be said that wet painting service excels whereas powder coating process cannot help. For example, wet paining becomes essential when the coated object cannot be heated or needs minimum heat, whilst it’s liquid painting that entails no high temperature for stable painting. In the similar way, liquid painting offers a series of benefits like

  Increased Color Options

The exclusiveness of liquid painting service opposed to plating or powder coating is well-felt when consumers need color choices with more shades as well as customization. Specific color coating like Teflon widely employed in defense or shimmering color in the dark is a great outcome of liquid paint. Wet paints encompass painting choices like polyurethanes, polyesters, acrylics, silicone and others.

  Thinner Coating

Liquid painting service can produce a distinct class of thinner coat that makes it exclusive when applications need thin film. At this juncture, this should be wise to explain that whereas powder coating is normally measured less wasteful due to its machine based coating approach that minimize paint waste, typically wet painting uses less color and the amount of waste during translating is rather negligible.

  Easy Masking

Special masking is often required in various applications aside from the basic coating. Whether it’s powder coating or plating, it happens to be a challenging and costly since it needs backup of high temperature cure cycling. Liquid painting service doesn’t involve high-temperature process to settle the coat on any metal base evenly.

  Smoother Finishing

When you look for smoother surface with sinner look and zero textured appearance of the material, there is no alternative of liquid painting service. Think of your great automobile color and luster or home appliance industry, where none but wet paint is the only solution.

  Mending Ease with Less Error

Use of liquid spraying gun in painting lowers the chance of film deposits that often leads to outright rejection of your supplies. The easy possess of painting with skilled labors enables you to supply consistent outcome of produces to your valued customer.

  Highly Cost Effective

With minimum use of mechanism or need of elaborate setup arrangements, liquid paining service providers can lessen your cost on painting ( ), make supply faster and timely which is essential to keep your customers happy in competitive market.

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