Signs that Indicate a Need for Sewer Line Repairs

Sewer lines don’t require repairs very often. But if there is a problem with a sewer line, it can cause repeated plumbing issues in your home. In such cases, it helps to call in a professional to assess the situation and tackle the problem before it gets too big.

Here are some signs that can indicate a problem with your home’s sewer line.

Recurring Clogs

One of the most common signs of a sewer line problem is recurring clogs around the house. If you notice different drains clogging ( HonestPlumbing.Net/Sewer-Repair ) at all hours despite you cleaning them often; the sewer line may be the culprit. In such cases, it is necessary to call a professional to get the sewer line checked without delay.

You may want to avoid sewer repair in Los Angeles or big cities assuming the costs can be high. But it is better to tackle the problem before the sewer line problem causes more damage to your house’s plumbing. Sewer repair in Los Angeles or similar big cities need not be costly if you hire professionals through plumbing companies offering quality and economical services. Professional plumbers now use equipments that can even detect sewer line problems without damaging your lawn or garden.

Presence of Roots

Roots often cause clogs in the sewer lines, which then block the house drains. Roots can even break the sewer pipes; requiring you to replace them. If you have big trees in or around your property, it is safe to assume that the roots are likely to penetrate the pipes sooner or later. Many professional plumbing companies offer rooter services that remove the roots inside the pipes before permanent damage can occur.

Dirty Pipes

If you have been careless with what you have been pouring down the drain, eventually it is going to cause clogs somewhere in the house. If you have been pouring grease down your kitchen sink drain for many years without cleaning the pipes, the fatty deposits can clog the sewer line and cause major plumbing problems inside the house.

Gurgling Sounds

Gurgling sounds when the water from the sink is drained can indicate some problem with the sewer line. You can even notice the gurgling sounds or air bubbles in the toilet at the time of flushing it. It is best to not avoid these warning signs that indicate a definite problem with the sewer line of the house.

General Damage

Sewer lines that are very old will need replacing sooner rather than later. Consider calling a plumber to assess the pipes and to see if they need replacing. Sewer line pipes can deteriorate due to harsh weather, chemicals, and toxins. The water can contain toxins that can damage the pipe’s structure. Extreme weather, tree roots, soil, obstructions ( www.HonestPlumbing.Net/our-work ), and old age are all factors that can damage sewer lines.

It is best to call for professional help for sewer lines as you notice the first problem signs with the drains.

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