How to Choose Between Bar Stools with and Without Backs

Bar stools come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and styles. Choosing a good bar table for your bar or kitchen counter is governed by varied factors such as the aesthetics, age of users, comfort and support needs etc. The different kinds of bar stools available in the market can be classified into different types based on these parameters. Here is a comparison of two kinds of bars stools ( ) based on their support feature – bar stools with backs and those without backs. When in doubt about what suits your style, needs, and preferences, take these details into consideration.

When to choose bar stools with back

Bar stools with backs cater to people of all ages. The comfort and support that they offer are far superior to those without backs. Such seating structures allow you to be seated comfortably without having to lean over the counter in order to support your body weight. They are recommended for kitchens and bars where the primary users of such stools are kids or aged people. In such areas bar stools designs with moderate to high backs are advisable as they not only offer support and comfort but also ensure the safety of younger children, who could otherwise fall off the stool and hurt themselves when seated improperly. Bar stools with backs are also extremely useful when you use the counter or bar for extended hours of time. They are typically a good choice in larger kitchens, counters, or bars where there is sufficient space so that the stools can be arranged cozily without cramming into each other.

When to choose bar stools without back

Backless bar stools are a better choice when aesthetics is the primary concern, and there are no restraints with respect to the users. One of the biggest advantages of such designs is that they offer a seamless appearance and an uninterrupted view across the space they are placed in. They also do not look imposing and can even be fit into kitchen or bar areas that have space constraints – by being tucked away neatly under the counters. For example, if you are a great host who constantly entertains guests every weekend, investing in backless bar stools may be a better idea in order to accommodate a larger number. The same applies to areas like the man cave where you could expect a lot of your male friend to hang around from time to time. Though it would be a better idea to pick stools with back from the comfort perspective, you could face restraints on the number of seats that can be propped, owing to their size. A good solution to such need is to use a mix of backless bar stools with alternate comfortable seating arrangements like a few chairs or larger sofas placed within the room ( Foxdendecor.Com/blog ), but close enough to the counter for easy access. Another solution is to use low back bar stools, which offer the same aesthetics as backless designs but lend better support and comfort.

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