Moderation in Standing and Sitting with Best Sit Stand Desk in San Francisco Foster Wellness

More often than not, today’s professionals visit their physicians with host of complains including back pain, tailbone ache, muscle cramps or stinging neck caused by long sitting posture in workplace ( ), which is a common scenario. Given the situation, enterprises started equipping them with standing desks with a view that they are ideal to maintain the desired posture, lessen common back pain, keep energized and focused throughout the day.

The eventual outcome, however, shows that more 45% of individuals especially women come across higher problems with blood pooling feet, leg soreness, as well as varicose veins from long-term standing. It also effects on expecting mothers regarding the developing baby’s weight. In essence, what is required is standing in moderation as well as freedom to ones physical abilities, and that approach makes best sit stand desks in San-Francisco increasingly popular worldwide.

Three Top Benefits of Best Sit Stand Desk in San Francisco

Users Have Options to Sit or Stand

After all, new generation is rather conscious concerning their individual wellbeing, therefore instead of making it an inflexible rule to either standing or sitting throughout the office hours, why not encourage your employees with best sit stand desks in San Francisco? While none of uninterrupted sitting or standing is ideal as a human posture, the individual health capacity also varies. The biggest health benefit of sit-cum-stand desk is that, they can be adjustable within a fraction of second effortlessly which enables you as well as your staff to work in temperance keeping balance between the two approaches that fits everyone the best.

Flexibly to Have Break from Sitting and Standing

Given that, working for the extended office hours in sitting or standing manner is detrimental, it is a sensible step to let employees have breaks every 1-2 hours from standing posture or as per their personal convenience. Secondly, there should not be any deadline considering that type of services handled by employees in sections like customer services, production, marketing and sales, accounts etc. With best sit stand desks in San Francisco you can seamlessly and cheerfully switch between standing and sitting throughout the workday that leads to higher productivity.

Increased Focus, Problem Solving and Productivity

Studies have proven that with the introduction of best sit stand desks in San Francisco, many workplaces have gained amazingly high productivity by 40-45%. What is the catch? Nothing, but the whole thing is science. While the standing session typically keep all your muscles highly dynamic that drives increased blood flow to your brain and keeps you activated, the sitting session offers better concentration and foster creativity. According to those who use sit and stand desks ( ), with transition in their posture helps get to new set of creative approaches and boost energy to stay focused. Another great advantage is that employees often found them more accessible to their team members in standing posture, while involved in a particular project which ends up in collective problem solving.

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