How to Make the Most of Weibo Advertising

Top social media platforms do not work in Chinese because they are not allowed there, but this is no deterrent to brands that want to market their product or service to the audience there. Thanks to platforms such as Weibo ( ), companies can now reach out to Chinese consumers in the way they would on other popular social media platforms. Advertising on Weibo pretty much follows the same thumb rules for social media marketing, but with a few tweaks suited to the people in China. So, here are a few tips to help you make the most out of advertising on Weibo.

Set up a verified account

A brand page or account replete with required information is the first and foremost important step in Weibo advertising. Every time the campaign runs and you capture the attention of a lead, relevant and easy to understand information is what could possibly help you convert him/her into a customer. For you don’t want prospective clients to visit your page and then feel confused about what you offer or how you could help them. Another important thing to note is account verification. Verifying your account as the official page or handle for your brand helps build trust among the audience; a detail that gives a lot of boost to paid advertising campaigns.

Create image-driven stories

An image speaks a thousand words. Picture-rich content captures attention more easily than written content, especially lengthy ones. Images also engage users and drive more traffic, helping you reap better results from your Weibo advertising campaign. However, what is important to note when using images is that they need to be of high clarity, well shot, and relevant to the story that you are trying to promote. Pictures captured under poor lighting or using low-res cameras can do your brand more harm than good.

Use targeting appropriately

Weibo advertising lets you select the audience group and their demographics to ensure that your ad gets shown to the right people.  Before you begin the ad campaign, list down the characteristics of your target group. Keep in mind these attributes when you create the ad campaign – choose age, gender, geographic region, interests etc. that match your target audience. Also specify the follower relationship that you want to target (just followers, those similar to the followers on your page, or unrestricted.) Also choose which device you want to target such prospective clients - mobile, desktop, etc.

Test multiple strategies and monitor results closely

There isn’t one marketing strategy that fits all brands. So, it is important to try out variants of the same ad using multiple formats, creatives, and so on. What is equally important is that you monitor the performance of these ads on a daily basis to understand what gives you the maximum success ( ), so that you can employ similar strategies in future Weibo advertising campaign.

Now that you are equipped with the right tips, go ahead and launch your Weibo ad campaign for your brand and reap great results by marketing to the Chinese audience.

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