Five Ways Video Production Companies Deliver Intangible Results

According to Cisco Study, by the year 2019, video traffic will account for a majority of the Internet traffic. We have reached a stage where the video is not just a trend but has actually become a new normal - expected by B2B and B2C customers alike. The fact of the matter, is that video marketing is the best option available for brands and companies to connect with consumers ( ), share their story, and influence a consumer’s thought process.

With that in mind, as you think about how to integrate video production into your marketing, PR, and social media campaigns the fact is you need an experienced video production team; which means you’ll start researching video production companies.

As you do that homework and look for the right partner for your promotional video, brand film, or corporate video here are some of the key aspects you can expect to find in the right partner as you research video production companies.

1.  High-Quality Equipment

The quality of video production depends a lot on the type of equipment - the cameras, lights, lenses, and supporting gear used to capture a corporate video production project. The equipment obviously is part of the equation, as is the creative ability of the videographer; but having the right tools for the job go a long way to make sure your video is professionally captured and produced. If the quality of the raw video is poor, no amount of editing or post-production finishes can improve the quality of the final output. Video production companies invest in high-quality equipment for the same reason; currently most video production companies use gear that is shooting footage high-definition, and the higher end video production companies shoot their footage in 4K.

2.  Skilled Professionals and Experience

Having a high-quality equipment alone does not guarantee professional quality videos. You also need skilled professionals who know how identify a corporate video production strategy, plan your video production project, and select the right equipment to deliver the best results. Producing a corporate video production requires a team of professionals, those involved vary with each production, but generally include a skilled camera operator(s), directors, producers, and professionals to operate light and sound equipment, as well as editors, and a variety of other talents.

The video production team should work as a well-oiled video production machine to get the best results. Video production companies not only have a team of skilled professionals, they also have years of experience in producing professional videos.

3.  Lower Costs

On one hand you could purchase a lot of production equipment, the editing software, and all of the supporting gear to produce your corporate videos, or brand films, but then you’d have to also have the knowledge on how to use the tools at hand.

Even if you have staff members who have some experience - the fact of the matter is that between the hard costs of the equipment, and the soft costs of those staff members getting proficient on the equipment it may prove to be an expensive process.

Whereas, when you work with a video production company, you are not required to invest in equipment or infrastructure needed for video production work.  Typically, video production companies will manage every aspect of the video production process; and provide all of the ancillary services and gear within their solution - backed by years of experience that will allow them to efficiently and effectively produce your corporate video production.

4.  Save Time

Similar to the cost factor, when you hire a video production company, you can ensure the work is completed as per the initial timeline. The experienced and reliable video production companies will be able to outline the projected production timeline and the associated costs at the front-end of the project; as a matter of fact really reliable video production companies ( ) should be able to provide a flat-rate for your corporate video production.

5.  Professional Quality Videos

Quality is important for corporate videos, as they are often the first touch a customer has with your brand. So, with the same attention to detail that is often paid to your website, or printed collateral, corporate video production companies need to produce and finish your video production project. That is because, poor quality videos can be annoying, distracting, or just generally drive audiences away and result in being ineffective. The right video production company for your business will ensure that the visuals and sound captured are effective in delivering the message.

The bottom line is review the various video production companies out there and find the right partner to help you leverage video and effectively tell the story at hand.

Have any questions? Or tips for hiring the right video production company? Feel free to comment.

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