What Makes Rack and Barrel Zinc Electroplating Equally Demanding to Industries?

While specialist plating companies offer zinc electroplating services through barrel and rack plating methods, often customers get confused of which should be the right choice for them. While both methods are quite consistent and equally popular in plating industry, it’s depending on the size, volume, quality and complexity of your products ( sun-glo/zinc-electroplating ), the plating company suggests you which finishing would be the ideal for you to reach the desired outcome Let us, study the two methods and understand their uniqueness.

Barrel and Rack Zinc Electroplating

Barrel Plating

Especially for plating small, high volume, durable components like bolts, screws, fasteners, springs etc, barrel zinc electroplating is the most ideal, consistent and cost effective plating solution. In barrel plating, all parts of various shapes, sizes, and patters are placed within a polypropylene barrel containing electrolytic plating chemical solutions and center bars conducting electrical charge. Once ready, the container is rotated which offers every part a uniform, exact and corrosion protected finish. The biggest advantage of barrel plating is, it can accommodate range of metal and alloy components of varied shapes, and ideally fantastic to add anti-corrosive, aesthetically appealing facets to parts defensive to all wear-and-tear.

Rack Plating

When objects to be plated are fragile, complex, and larger in size, rack plating is the most preferred choice. Under this process, parts are typically positioned on coating metal racks and are attached using screws, wires, spring fingers in accordance with their weight, configuration, shape, and size. Accordingly, the racks are sited into solution containing task, keeping the racks motionless in course of plating operation. Rack plating is the right choice, if your materials are delicate and vulnerable to damaging from tumbling and rotating as common in barrel plating. In fact, rack plating is bit costly opposed to barrel plating; however offers a higher quality plating advantage than barrel. Rack can produce selective enduring deposits with fantastic finishes apart from offering the plated objects all attributes counting corrosion resistance and look.

Both barrel and rack plating are equally demanding to industries including aerospace, defense, medical, electronics, and electrical, automotive, and decorative industry. Basically, depending on the type of the material to be plated, your zinc electroplating company will guide you to choose the right plating process.

Overall Benefits of Zinc Electroplating

•  The key element, zinc is not scarce, and its abundance typically makes zinc electroplating affordable to its users.

•  Zinc electroplating is the best choice; especially when you look for a plating solution to enhance aesthetic value of your mental object. Aside from great color options including yellow (golden), black, and blue, zinc can produce high class luster equivalent to chromium or gold.

•  Proficient zinc electroplating companies can satisfy your clients need with comprehensive range textures including smooth, rough, glossy, or matte.

•  With distinct plating methods with rack and barrel plating method, it accommodates plating needs of various industries using tiny to huge materials and complex to volume.

•  With excellent corrosion resistance ( ), adhesive attribute, and protective as its sacrificing nature to all wears makes zinc electroplating a matchless choice in the industry.

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