Five Advantages of Using a Cloud Phone System for Business

Business communication systems have upgraded from analog-to-digital and the office phone system has gone through several changes in the past decade.

The next upgrade to business phone system is already here – Cloud Phone system. Though traditional phone systems still work well, the rapid changes in network and communication technology ( ) would make it age out faster. Here are the top five reasons for your organization to shift to a cloud-based phone system.

1.  Scalability

Businesses have to scale their communication capabilities as and when the business grows. For example, if new employees are added, the office phone system needs to adapt by making provisions for new lines. If your company is using traditional telephony system, you need to add new hardware setup that is expensive and time-consuming.

With a cloud-based phone system, companies can easily add users without worrying about costs and setup. Adding extensions or users does not take much time which enables businesses to maintain optimal productivity.

2.  Cost Savings

As per the report, businesses that switch to a cloud phone system can reduce their local call costs by 40% and international call costs by 90%.  Also, cloud-based phone system providers charge much less per minute than traditional phone companies. So, no matter what is your call volume, shifting to a cloud-based phone system will cost you less than traditional phone service.

3.  Ease of Use

Traditional telephone systems can be only used in the workplace. However, modern businesses are required to operate from multiple locations that might also include working remotely. The cloud-based phone system has features that allow employees to log in from anywhere. This means you can connect with your employees and vice versa easily irrespective of the location that enhances productivity.

4.  Enhanced Security

Intercepted calls, spoofing, fraud, and phishing are some potential security threats for businesses of all sizes. However, these security threats can be taken care of by placing the right security in place.  Traditional phone system lack security features and all you can do is locking the phone equipment securely in a closet.

On the other hand, cloud phone system offers advanced security features like secure voice and video, network security, data encryption, and HIPAA-compliance measures to secure business communication and user data.

5.  Reliability

Uninterrupted communication is a primary requirement of every business. Leading cloud-based phone system service providers offer a Service Level Agreement with their phone services that tell about the quality and reliability of the service.  Cloud phone system providers use advanced technologies and equipment to ensure business continuity and to implement additional measures for disaster recovery as well.

The above reasons clearly show a cloud phone system is the best choice for companies looking to enhance convenience and reduce communication expenditures. Looking at the growing popularity of cloud-based phone system it is expected to become an essential service ( ) in the near future that will make your office an efficient workplace.

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