Knee Injuries and Cold Therapy

Knee injuries are common. Even a slight fall or twist can cause ligament tears or fractures in the knee joint. A severe knee injury can severely impact a person’s mobility even after surgical intervention. If knee injuries do not heal properly ( ), the pain in the joint can last for a lifetime. For this reason, the post-operative rehabilitation period after knee surgeries is extremely important.

One of the best healing techniques to use after sustaining knee injuries is cold therapy. Using an ice machine for knees, you can easily heal your surgical wounds or any type of injury on the knee joint.

Cold Therapy for Healing Knee Injuries

The knee joint is made up of many delicate tissues along with cartilages, tendons, ligaments, and of course the major bones – the tibia, the femur, and the patella. The kneecap or the patella is a strong bone but it is prone to injuries due to falls. Knee replacement is a major surgery requiring extensive rehabilitation program to regain range of motions in the joint. Even a minor ligament tear can require surgery for the optimal healing of the injury. To speed up post-operative recovery and to reduce pain, cold therapy for knees can be quite beneficial.

Cold therapy is use of ice or freezing temperatures to heal orthopedic injuries. The cold temperature inhibits nerve communication in the tissues where it is applied, which in turn restricts the blood supply in that area. Lack of adequate blood supply causes the body to heal the affected tissues. It leads to reduction in swelling and pain.

Cold therapy is best delivered on the injuries via machines. You can definitely use ice packs for the therapy. But the dripping water from melting ice packs can increase your chances of developing post-operative infections in the surgical wounds. 

Use of ice packs is also not the most suitable way to deliver cold therapy on injuries or wounds. The uneven shape of the ice packs is not conducive for the cold to reach deep inside the inured tissues. Ice machines are designed specifically to deliver cold therapy effectively to the affected muscles.

Ice machines for knees come equipped with healing pads that you can wrap around the knee joint. The pads in the IsoComforter ice machines can provide healing to the knees from all sides. The design of these pads is perfect to provide cold therapy to knees without causing spikes in temperature. IsoComforter ice machines are designed ( ) using the patented Iso Tube technology, which helps to deliver cold therapy optimally.

When you are recovering from knee surgery, you can use an ice machine before starting your physical therapy. Usually, patients can use cold therapy within a few days after their knee surgeries. But it depends on individual cases. Your doctor can recommend the best time for you to use cold therapy including the number of sessions per day.

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