Personal Injury Litigation in Orange County: Why You Might Need It

Whether you are in Anaheim, Irvine, or anywhere in between, the Orange County community and lifestyle means soaking up California’s rays as much as it means commuting long (  ), dry hours on the highways. It means taking your dog to the park or enjoying balmy evening air. No one wants to think of needing a personal injury lawyer in Orange County, but those same long commutes, and those same sojourns about the community, can, unfortunately, lead to less than healthy helpings of others’ negligence, misconduct, or plain old bad luck—and a traffic collision, a dog attack, or professional malpractice can really set you back and prevent you from living your best life.

If you’ve had the misfortune of playing victim to another’s carelessness or misdeeds, then that doesn’t mean you have to keep playing that victim’s role. That said, if you do feel it’s time to pick up the phone and call a personal injury lawyer in Orange County, then there are some items you ought to consider, as a Californian.

Timing is Everything

It was partially timing that led to your injury in the first place. This is certainly not to exculpate the negligent party in your case; it is just to say that timing must always be considered in matters of litigation and remuneration. In the state of California, the law says a plaintiff has up to two years to file a suit and take the matter to court after incurring some harm. This is what the ubiquitous term, “statute of limitations,” refers to. After two years has passed, the plaintiff no longer has the right to sue for damages against the potential defendant or negligent party. Now, as a responsible personal injury lawyer in Orange County will inform you, this statute of limitations pertains only to non-governmental bodies. When seeking to sue, say, the city (perhaps a garbage truck collided with your vehicle), the statute of limitations is only six months.

Bite as Bad as Bark

Unlike many other states, California has a unique policy concerning dog attacks. Other states have what is, at times, called the ‘one bite’ rule, which states that if the owner of a dog was, up till the time of the attack, unaware that their animal was, in legal jargon, ‘vicious,’ then their personal liability is mitigated. California has a strict liability policy where no negligence has to be demonstrated on the part of the dog owner. Therefore, for all that an Orange County owner may assure you of their dog’s rights as well as their own, you—as the plaintiff—have rights that give you litigative powers. A personal injury lawyer in Orange County will know this and will help you to act on those rights.

Ensure that you’re Insured

The consequences for driving uninsured can be quite serious. This seriousness is only compounded when an uninsured driver is involved in a vehicle collision. The Californian law that Orange County residents are protected under states that, in most cases ( ), an uninsured driver is not rightfully party to any non-economic compensations as a result of a motor vehicle accident. This means that if you hope to be compensated for things such as pain, emotional decline, or work time lost, you may be out of luck. Know your rights, but know your duties, too! A personal injury lawyer in Orange County can help.

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