The Many Advantages of Dual Motor Standing Desk!

Technology in today’s time has given all comforts to people. There have been products introduced in market ( ), which no one would have visualized about. No person would have imagined about having an electronically operated desk that may adjust its height as per the consumer’s requirement.

Today there is a separate desk for children which has low height, a separate desk for sitting workstation and another one for standing and using the same. But a dual motor standing desk has solved all the issues related to the height of the desk as it can be changed as per the customer’s requirement.

Desks are such a vital range of furniture that it has importance in offices, homes, schools, shops etc.

Other than the height adjustment benefit, there are several other benefits attached to the product. Some of them are listed below:

1.  Dual motor operating system:

Dual motor operating system is a better version of single motor operating system. Since the motors are attached on both the legs of a desk, it smoothens the upward and downward movements. This product also has many additional features which are because of its dual motorized system.

2.  Overloaded and heating issues:

This is a major difference between single motorized desks and dual motorized desks. Dual desks have more capacity to bear heat and it can be loaded with more weight as compared to single motorized desks. There are prescribed weights in each desk which may change in different types of desks and from different brands.

3.  Anti - collision:

Many times, our products get banged into some wall or with some other product and get damaged. But this dual motorized desk comes with a non-collision feature that saves the product from getting hit anywhere. It works in upward and downward movement only. If increasing or decreasing the height of desk, it will stop it the product is about to get collided with another product.

4.  Power consumption:

When the desk it moved in upward or downward direction, it consumes energy. But due to its low energy consumption (0.1w) it becomes eco - friendly as well.

5.  Durability:

The durability and sustainability of dual motorized desk in much better than compared to single motorized desk. While buying dual motorized desks, verifying the company and seller details is important. Normal dual motorized desk should have at least 2000 cycles of upward and downward motions. Which would make it useful for at least 10 years.

6.  Noise and speed:

Less noise comes out of movements in dual motorized desk. Is has a smooth movement. Speed is also higher than as compared to single motorized desks. These desks cost little higher than single motor desks.

Last thoughts:

Dual motorized desk is a great innovative product designed to make life comfortable for its consumers. It has many facilities and adjustable height ( ) is the most attractive one amongst them. Though is it slightly on a higher side in terms of cost, but it is value for money product.

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