How to Choose the Best Site to Build a Horse Barn in Spotsylvania

You may be a first-time horse owner looking to build a barn for your equine friend or an expert looking to expand the current facilities. You may even be somewhere in between the two. Irrespective of which category you belong to, it is important to note that the location of the barn is a very important and crucial consideration when building a facility for your horses. While the structure need not typically replicate the comforts of your home ( capitolsheds/horse-barns ), it needs to be accessible to you, the trainers, and handlers. The facility should also allow you to perform different activities like feeding the horses, cleaning the stables etc. with ease. So here are some useful tips to select the right location for your horse barn in Spotsylvania.

•  To build the barn, first look into local zoning laws and homeowners’ association rules that may pose restraints. Once clear, pick a location that is flat and has good drainage. In case your property does not have a level site, bring in fills to make it flat and suitable for construction of the equine facility. To find a site with good drainage, walk around the land and figure how the water flows through the terrain and where it collects. In case you cannot find good drainage, create a raised platform or area using the landfill.

•  Take care not to place the barn in the highest spot as harsh winters and winds can put the animals and the structure to trouble. Instead, choose a high spot on the crest of the hill. This helps keep the horses and the barn well sheltered. Also, choose a spot that has sufficient shade.

•  Pay attention to accessibility. When setting up the barn, place it at a short walking distance from your house, but far enough so that the smell of manure does not seep through. Also, take a note of the pasture, other barn structures like hay storage, and how far you would need to take the horses to let them graze.

•  Position the barn in a manner that it has an easy approach from a road or driveway. This helps in transporting feed, hay, and other equipment to the barn with ease.

•  Keep in mind the security of the horse barn in your Spotsylvania property. People tend to steal tack and other equipment, so position the facility in a manner that you can keep a watch on it even when at home.

•  Electricity and running water are must have in horse barns. If the utilities are already set up ( ), place the structure close to them. Else, make arrangements to set up a pole, ditch, water systems, and the like. Think also about how you will collect manure. A good open space behind the horse barn lets you remove it easily in trucks.

•  Remember, you may want to expand your horse barn facility in Spotsylvania the future, so use a spot that can accommodate more stables when the need arises.

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