Why Baidu PPC is Considered a recipe for success

According to the latest statistics, Baidu has control over 61.6% search market in China. Also, 5.5% of global Internet users use Baidu ( adstochina.westwin.com/baidu-ppc ) which translates into 6,767,805,208 users monthly.

So, if you don’t explore Baidu to target Chinese customers, you will lose lots of opportunities. Many western brands like Sephora, Mercedes Benz, and Hennessey have used Baidu PPC to succeed in China and Asia. Let’s know more about Baidu and its PPC program.

What Does Baidu PPC Include?

Baidu offers a wide range of products that can be used for pay per click advertising. Some of them are:

·  Baidu PPC Keyword Search

It is similar to Google Adwords, but it has a lower cost pay per click in comparison to Google Adwords. Setting up Baidu PPC is not easy due to the language barrier and you need to use a local agency to translate documents and set up landing pages in Chinese languages. You will need at least 2 weeks to set up Baidu pay per click keyword search.

·  Baidu Display Ad Network

This also works on the lines of Google display Ad network and you can use Baidu’s content network for displaying ads. The Baidu display Ad network is quite huge and there are around 600,000 partner websites that can display ads for your products and services.

·  Baidu Brand Zone

It is an expensive service based on PPC foundation where you can use the eye-catching brand logo, company information and use tailored content along with targeted keywords. Though expensive than Baidu PPC keyword search, it offers a higher click-through rate of 50%.

The CTR offered by Baidu Brand Zone is greater than that of Google’s that stands at 0.2% and its own Baidu PPC keyword search which stands at 1%.

Why Should You Use Baidu PPC?

China is one of the biggest consumer markets that attract businesses across the world. If you want to reach Chinese consumers, you need to use Baidu PPC effectively.  Here are some reasons to use Baidu PPC:

·  Baidu is the most popular search engine in China which offers a highly developed marketing platform which also features click-fraud protection

·  Baidu offers good security and also offers a handy desktop editor to manage your PPC account

·  Baidu search engine is constantly updated which is getting better with time

·  Baidu offers remarketing/retargeting functionality built-in its display network

·  Baidu is also strengthening its mobile presence which would also intensify its hold on the Chinese market

·  If your business is not on Baidu, the Chinese Internet consumers might not even consider buying from you even if you are a well-known global brand.

With more than the audience of 600 million users, Baidu is a force to reckon with. If you want to reach Chinese consumers ( https://adstochina.westwin.com/who_we_are/index.shtml ), you have to use Baidu PPC platforms to position marketing messages and products effectively.

What’s your view of Baidu Pay Per Click? Please feel free to comment.

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