Hiring a Staffing Agency in San Francisco

According to Manpower Group Talent Shortage research, around 45% of employers are unable to find the right candidates for their open positions and therefore turn to staffing agencies to get the best talent on board.

With so many employment agencies out there, it can be a difficult task to select the best staffing agency in San Francisco. To make things easy for you ( vitamintalent/staffing-agencies-san-francisco ), we have listed the top 5 factors to look at when hiring a staffing agency:

1.  Team Structure

You need to pay attention to the team structure of the potential staffing agency. Many recruitment agencies are sales heavy; it means they have more staff dedicated to interacting with clients and fewer recruiters.

If the staffing agency has only one recruiter per project, it will be difficult for the agency to complete the hiring process on time. Recruitment agencies that are recruiter-heavy would be able to complete the hiring process satisfactorily within the deadline.

2.  Niche Recruiting

You need to look for a recruiting agency that specializes in recruiting for your industry and shy away from agencies that work across a wide range of industries. Specialist recruiters are more likely to have established relationships with hundreds of candidates who have the skills you are looking for.

3.  Recruitment Techniques

The way a staffing agency recruits will tell whether they can be your successful partner. What’s the point in working with a staffing agency in San Francisco if it is going to use the same recruitment channels used by your in-house recruiters?

A good recruitment process plays an important role in attracting the right type of candidates. It also minimizes the time in recruiting activities like searching, interviewing, training, and hiring candidates. The best recruitment agencies have streamlined recruitment processes that make the search for viable candidates more efficient.

4.  Experience

Experienced recruiters are subject matter experts who have gone through so many recruitment processes that they know which candidate has the potential by just looking at the resume. Recruiters who have been recruiting for your industry for a long period are more likely to have deeper networks and a better understanding of the skills required for a particular job.

5.  Market Knowledge

One of the important qualities that make a good staffing agency a great one is the knowledge of the job market. The recruitment agency needs to have in-depth knowledge of the sector and the region they are working in.

The recruiter you chose to work with needs to have information about hard to fill positions and skills that have a greater demand. Only recruiters with good market knowledge can help their clients create competitive job briefs. The agency can also guide their clients in creating attractive benefits packages for different job roles that are the norm in the sector and attract high-quality candidates.

Selecting the best staffing agency in San Francisco is not easy and you should not take the process lightly. Working with a right recruitment agency ( vitamintalent/talent ) is important to ensure the overall hiring strategy, onboarding, and timeline are efficient for best results.

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