Five UX Designer Interview Questions to Ask Every Web Designer

If you are planning to hire a UX designer for your organization ( ), you would like to hire a candidate who knows how to deliver the best possible user experience.

Here are few UX designer interview questions you need to ask every potential candidate appearing for the interview. This is a sure-fire way to select world-class UX designer for your dream project.

1.  What Is the Design Process You Follow?

UX design is always evolving and the answer given by the candidate mainly refers to the toolkit he/she uses. A good UX designer would walk you through the design process he/she follows and the specific step he/she takes to create engaging user experiences and solve user problems.

The UX designer’s answer should have a balance of user-centric approach to the design while depicting complete understanding of user and business goals.

2.  What Is the Difference Between UI Design and UX Design?

This question is used to weed out graphic designers from UX designers. While answering this question, a graphic designer is more likely to focus on aesthetics and less on solving UX problems. You need to look for a balanced answer to this question.

A good UX designer would give a well-rounded answer to this question. The potential candidate should be able to not only create beautiful designs but also able to tell you the why (reason) behind such designs.

3.  What KPIs and Analytical Tools Have You Used to Evaluate Your Designs?

This is one of the important UX designer interview questions that shows whether the UX designer knows about tools that can gather quantitative data and use evaluation tools effectively. There are several analytical tools that can capture user behavior.

The answer to this question should include things like why these tools are used, what measurements they take, and what are the key performance indicators that are evaluated.

4.  How Do You Combine Usability and Design Together?

If you look at the work of UX designers, much of their UX designs involves iterating possible solutions and testing them to solve a myriad of problems. A good designer would explain how a user interacts with a specific product.

The potential candidate would also demonstrate a design that effectively helps the users to achieve the objective in the most attractive and satisfactory way.

5.  What Would You Do If a Client/Manager Says They Do Not like Your Design?

This question checks the personality traits of a UX designer. A good UX designer would show thoughtful restraint before answering to the client. The designer should be able to back up his design ( ) and explain the purpose and the objectives it achieves.

While doing so, a good designer would also incline to listen to the client’s comments and ask smart questions that would uncover any issues client has with the design.

These are the main UX Designer Interview questions you need to ask every UX designer you interview.

Do you know any other UX designer question that should be part of our list?

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