What are Web Developer Interview Questions You Need to Ask to Hire the Right Candidate?

Selecting a good web developer is not easy as all are not well-acquainted with the emerging technologies used in web development.

To make things easy for you, we have created a list of the top web developer interview questions ( vitamintalent.com/web-developer-interview-questions ) that will help you gauge whether the potential candidate has what it takes to build your dream website.

1.  What Does W3C Stand for and Why Is It Important?

This is a basic level question and the potential candidate needs to have a brief knowledge of W3C standards. W3C stands for World Wide Web Consortium and developers need to have a complete knowledge of standards governing website development.

According to W3C guidelines, the web developer needs to ensure the web content he/she creates is accessible from all browsers and the content is optimized for the users experience.

2.  How to Reduce Web Application Loading Time?

All business owners want their website to load in a few seconds. The potential candidate needs to be aware of the effect of loading time has on user experience. The web developer should have knowledge about different tools used to optimize a website and reduce page loading time.

3.  Which Languages Are You Proficient In?

PHP, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, CSS, and Python are some of the popular languages used for coding in web development. The web developer might not be proficient in all languages mentioned above. You need to learn about the potential candidate’s preferences, expertise, experience, strength, and weaknesses in terms of web development tools and see if they match your requirements.

4.  What Are the Advantages of HTTP/2 over HTTP 1.1?

It is one of the important web developer interview questions that shows candidates have updated knowledge in web development. HTTP/2 is the next version of HTTP 1.1. The new technology addresses several HTTP 1.1 problems and it was specifically designed for the web application performance.  It offers several advantages over HTTP 1.1 such as

·  Server push technologies

·  Prioritization of request

·  HTTP headers data compression

·  Parallel loading of elements over a single TCP connection

A good web developer will know the advantages of creating a website using HTTP/2. The technology makes web development faster and the page loading time is reduced by 20%.

5.  What Are the New APIs in HTML5?

HTML5 is a popular web development technology used to build front-end of web applications. HTML5 comes with several new APIs including:

·  Text track API

·  Command API

·  User Interaction

·  Application Cache API

·  Media API

·  History API

·  Constraint Validation API

·  Data transfer API

HTML5 is the technology of the future and the potential candidate needs to have a better understanding of this new framework that helps in building responsive web applications.

Interviewing web developers is not an easy task as it seems. However, the list of web developer interview questions ( vitamintalent.com/what-we-do ) given above would give you an overarching understanding of all areas and give you the knowledge to feel more confident while interviewing potential candidates.

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