Gym Tote Bags that will Make You Want to Work Out!

When enrolled in a fitness institute, the next this you do is to go for a gym gear shopping. Gym apparels, equipment, bottle, supplements etc. But the most important this out of all is getting a good gym bag. Since there are many types of gym bags that are available these days like gym backpacks ( livewell360/gym-tote-bag ), duffels, shoulder / sling bags etc, it becomes difficult to choose the best option for yourself. But out of all options, totes are the most fashionable gym bags that are available in the market. Totes are a bag full of its utilities, versatility and style.

Why totes for the gym?

●  Fashion along with utility:

Totes are a perfect blend of fashion with comfort and utility. These gym bags are available in numerous patterns, fabrics, designs and prints that a gym goer can pick one as per their taste. These bags are comfortable and handy that it can be used not only in the gym but in any other place as well.

●  Multipurpose:

These bags are so versatile and multipurpose. However, the bag is designed specifically for gym gear. But the outlook of it makes it perfect for the office, shopping, beach, party or anywhere. People don’t have to carry separate bags for office and gym. They can carry the same one without hassle.

●  Spacious:

These bags have a variety of shapes and sizes. Hence a normal gym tote is spacious enough to accommodate all gym equipment, but if required, large sized totes are also available. Many people get a specific yoga mat tote for their Pilates or yoga session.

When to say NO to totes!

●  Separate shoe compartment:

Having a separate shoe compartment is essential for a gym bag, else it may get mixed with other belongings and make them dirty or muddy. Backpacks or duffels have an option of separate shoe section which makes it easier to carry shoes.

However, totes do not have any separate compartment outside the bags for shoes. Similarly, backpacks have a separate side pocket for water bottle or supplement shakes. But duffels fail to have the same.

●  Non - compatibility with a different fitness regime:

Fitness routine these days are not limited to a gymnasium room. People opt for many other options like cycling, swimming, hiking, running in marathons and triathlons etc. In such routines, many people carry a gym bag with them. For such activities, totes would not be a good option to go for. People usually opt a smaller sling bag or backpack for such activities.

Gym tote bags can be used in so many different ways - as an everyday bag, diaper bag, beach bag, weekend bag, pool bag, and so much more. They are so versatile and just perfect for any occasion. There are a plethora of different styles and designs ( livewell360/products ) that are available online to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Browse the internet to get the best one now!

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