How Zinc Electroplating Works?

Iron is used to make several machines and items that people use daily. It is sturdy and found in great abundance; hence it is available at cheaper rates. The biggest con of having to use iron in the making parts of a machine or instrument ( sun-glo/zinc-electroplating ) is that it can rust very quickly. The process of rusting occurs when iron parts come in contact with moisture and air; thus, it happens much quicker in humid areas. Rust can make iron vulnerable as it corrodes the metal, and can cause it to stop functioning.

Since this is a prevalent problem, a few methods have been developed to prevent the process of rusting from occurring.

How Can You Prevent Rusting?

Rusting occurs when iron, water or moisture, and air or oxygen come together. It slowly corrodes the metal and makes it weaker. The best ways to prevent rusting from occurring are:

1.  Wipe down your tools, or machines which have iron parts to ensure that they do not retain any moisture on or around them.

2.  Keep smaller tools or iron parts in an airtight box to prevent contact with air, or use silica gel packets to make sure your machines do not come in contact with any moisture.

3.  Use paint sprays or oil coatings to create a layer between your tool and the oxygen in the air.

Zinc Electroplating: Why You Need It:

A more permanent method of making sure that your iron tools stay as good as new for a long time is to make use of zinc and its alloys. Zinc electroplating is a popular method used by several people to make sure that their iron parts do not rust. The process of zinc plating involves immersing the iron parts or tools in a zinc solution and coating it with a layer of zinc. It is beneficial because:

•  It lends a more sophisticated look to the apparatus.

•  Zinc is found to be much more efficient than other metals which may be able to be used for the same purpose. Zinc electroplating protects your machines for longer, and it is quite flexible as well. Zinc also has a high-temperature tolerance, and thus even during high degree weather, it will help the machine stay cool.

•  With the help of zinc electroplating, you can ensure that the structural integrity of the metal that it will cover remains the same. Due to the protective zinc layer, no rusting or corrosion ( ) can occur on the underlying metal.


Iron is indispensable when it comes to making tools and machines. It is sturdy and found in vast amounts throughout the surface of the earth. Hence, it is not very difficult to extract. However, rusting can prevent the metal from functioning effectively when used in tools. Zinc electroplating effectively combats the problem of rusting.

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