Advantages and Disadvantages of Powder Coating Services

Before you hire powder coating services ( sun-glo/powder-coating-services ), it is important to understand the pros and cons of the same.

Advantages of powder coating

Durability: For industries, consumers and businesses, powder coating is an economical and long lasting finish. It is highly durable and there are a number of color options available for every type of material. The coating will remain resistant against any chipping, scratches, fading and wear and tear as compared to any other type of finish. Whatever color you may choose, it will remain bright and vibrant for a long period.

Environment protection: Powder coating services help provide an excellent finish to the metal which is much better than a liquid painting finish. It does not contain any solvents and only release small amounts of volatile organic compounds, if any. Hence, there is no additional requirement to purchase expensive equipment for the purpose of pollution control. It will protect the environment while maintaining the best quality of the product.

Save money: One of the biggest advantages of the coating is that it will reduce any waste and will save money for the long term. It helps companies comply with the environmental protection regulations and it controls air pollution. You will be able to save money and also ensure that the consumers save money through the long lasting use of the metals purchased from you.

Disadvantages of powder coating

Difficult to touch up: Once the coating has been applied on a metal, it is difficult to give a touch up to the product. There is difficulty in changing the color of the same and thus, the touch up will not be an easy process.

Break down in case of exposure to UV rays: If the metal is exposed to the UV rays, there are chances that the coating will break down. This is due to the strength of the UV rays and its impact on the metal. However, this does not mean that the metal has to remain indoors at all times. Very strong UV rays can only breakdown the coating.

Less control over smoothness: Every time a metal is being coated, the purpose is to achieve smoothness over the same. However, there is less control with regard to the smoothness achieved through the process. The metal must be painted electrostatic ally an it requires the right equipment to do the same.

Powder coating is used on appliances, architecture, automotive and buildings. It is also used on everyday products ( ) to enhance their longevity and ease of use. It is a cost effective procedure to enhance the finish of the product and to ensure durability of the same.

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