When and How to Use an Ice Machine for Knees?

An ice machine is a device to deliver cold therapy for healing orthopedic wounds and injuries. An ice machine for knees can be used with ease to provide comfort to the patient.

Ice Machine for Knees – How does it Work?

An ice machine for knees ( IsoComforter.com/ice-machine-for-knee ) is a device that comes with a healing pad, tank, and other components such as tubes, pump etc.

You need to fill the tank with ice and water; wrap the healing pad around your knees, and switch on the machine. The water begins to circulate from the tank to the pad as you plug in the machine in an electric outlet. Then you can simply enjoy the benefits of cold therapy.

Of course, not all brands of ice machines offer such ease of use. Companies such as IsoComforter manufacture their cold units with the advanced technology and designs.

When you use IsoComforter ice machines for knees, you get the benefit of the patented Iso tube technology. Incorporating such technology in ice machines ensures safer delivery of cold therapy to the user. The healing pad contains ridges for optimal distance between the skin and the cold water.

The application of cold temperature in a consistent way helps to heal injuries. The cold temperature temporarily stops nerve communication in the affected area. Without nerve communication, the blood supply also stops in the injured area; spurring the body’s healing process to begin its work on reducing the swelling. As the swelling reduces, the pain from surgical wounds or injuries also lessens.


You can use cold therapy after knee replacement surgeries to speed up your recovery. Post knee replacement surgeries, it is essential to regain range of motions in the joint with the help of physical therapy. But it is not possible to begin physical therapy unless the post-surgical swelling and pain reduce.

Cold therapy helps in reducing the post-surgical pain faster without the use of pain medicines. Use of medicines can lead to dependency and therefore not really the most useful way to manage pain in the long run.

You can also use ice machine for knees to reduce pain after injuries. Ligament tears or tendon injuries can cause pain and cause problems with mobility. Usually, surgery is not required for these kinds of injuries. In such cases, administering cold therapy with ice machines can be really useful for speedy healing of the knees.

Use of ice machines for knees eliminates the need for dripping ice packs for the purpose of administering cold therapy. The uneven shape of ice packs or even frozen vegetable bags is not ideal to deliver cold therapy ( IsoComforter.com/why-cold-therapy-machine ) in the most optimal manner. The dripping water from ice packs also poses the risk of infecting the surgical wounds.

An ice machine is simply a better way to deliver cold therapy to reduce swelling and pain in the knees.

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