Ice Therapy Machine – Uses and Benefits

An ice therapy machine offers several benefits to patients recovering from orthopedic surgeries or injuries. It is the ideal way to deliver cold therapy for speedier recovery post orthopedic surgeries or trauma.

Understanding Cold Therapy

Cold therapy is applying freezing temperatures over orthopedic injuries for the purpose of healing the trauma. Cold temperature over a specific area in the body helps to temporarily halt nerve communications ( ), which in turn stops blood supply in the same place. The process helps the body to kick in its natural healing mechanism to treat the swelling in the area where cold therapy is used. As the swelling comes down, the pain also reduces.

Traditionally, ice packs were used to apply the cold over orthopedic injuries. But with advances in the medical field, machines are now available to deliver cold therapy in a safer and easier manner.

Benefits of Ice Therapy Machines

An ice therapy machines is a safer medium to deliver cold temperature over surgical wounds. Infection is a real risk during the post-operative recovery period. When the incisions are not yet dry and healed, any moisture in the surgical area can cause infections. Now, when you use ice packs or even frozen vegetable bags over the wounds or injuries, you risk water dripping on the skin as the thawing progresses. But with the use of ice therapy machines, there is no such risk.

Some brands of ice therapy machines offer more safety features. Machines from brands like IsoComforter are made using the patented Iso tube technology for maximum healing impact in the most efficient manner. For example, the healing pads contain ridges to ensure that the skin is safe from any harm due to the application of cold temperature.

Using a machine makes it easier to use cold therapy consistently until healing is complete. Consistency is crucial when it comes to using cold therapy for speedier recovery after surgeries. It is simply not possible to use ice packs over longer periods of time when you require it to hold it in place over the injuries. But it is convenient to wrap the healing pad around the affected area using an ice therapy machine. When you use machines from brands such as IsoComforter, you don’t need to worry about replenishing the tank with ice and water every so often. With the brand’s self-priming pumps ( ), you don’t need to deal with any mechanical processes to use the machine. Such lack of hassles help the patients use cold therapy consistently until it is necessary for their complete recovery.

Consistent use of cold therapy can mean speedier recovery and less reliance on pain medicines. Excessive use of pain medicines can cause dependency on the pills, which can be harmful for the users’ health in the long run.

With regular use of cold therapy via machines, you can ensure speedier recovery after any orthopedic trauma or surgery.

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