Five Advantages of Hiring Through Staffing Agencies in San Francisco

A global talent shortage has forced many companies to look for recruitment partners to fulfill their staffing needs. According to a Frontline Group survey ( vitamintalent/staffing-agencies-san-francisco ), around 90% of companies use staffing agencies. If you are considering working with staffing agencies in San Francisco for the first time, here are some advantages you would enjoy in this partnership.

1.  Reduced Time to Hire

Many companies forget the most important metric, “Time to hire”, while recruiting. According to a Glassdoor survey, the national average time to hire is around 23.8 days which may increase for difficult to hire job positions. Long time to hire leads to productivity loss and you may even lose potential candidates to your competitors.

Staffing agency maintains talent pools which have ready for job candidates. By partnering with a recruitment agency, you get access to such talent pools and you may get potential candidates for final interviews within a few days or even hours which help in reducing time to hire.

2.  Reduced Costs

According to research, the average costs of a new hire are around $4,129.00. Recruitment costs can be broken down into two categories – internal and external costs. Internal hiring costs include HR salaries, referral bonus, infrastructure costs, and software licensing fees. External costs include advertising costs, testing services, and background check services.

When you partner with a recruitment agency, some of the recruitment costs are taken care of by the agency. For example, the agency performs all screening tests before referring candidates. Also, recruitment agencies perform background checks before sending any candidate for final interviews.

3.  Quality Candidates

When you manage recruitment internally, you can only reach candidates actively seeking a job. In most cases, the best candidates are already working elsewhere; they are known as passive candidates. Staffing agencies in San Francisco are known to have deeper and wider networks in the industry.

Their recruiters keep in touch with passive candidates and if required can pitch them with your job offer. Due to limited reach, it is almost impossible for internal recruiters to reach passive candidates.

4.  Guarantees

Leading recruitment agencies offer their clients various guarantees such as full refund or free replacement guarantees. A full refund guarantee from staffing agency means the agency will return full amount it received as a fee (for the new recruit) if the new recruit leaves the company before the agreed period.

Similarly, in free replacement guarantee, the agency would provide a new candidate for free (not charge any fee) if the new recruit leaves the company before the agreed period.

5.  Help with Employer Brand

One of the advantages of working with a staffing agency is the free branding support. Your recruiting partner knows why your company is awesome, what are the benefits, corporate culture ( vitamintalent/talent ), and career growth opportunities. They can market your company better to the potential candidates than any job posting.

These are some of the proven benefits of working with staffing agencies in San Francisco. Do you have questions? Please feel free to comment.

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