Five Basic Web Designer Interview Questions That You Must Ask Candidates

When you hire a web designer, you need to ensure the candidate has a basic knowledge of CSS and HTML. To make things easier for you, here are basic web designer interview questions that you must ask every candidate.

1.  What Are the Different Variations of CSS?

The right answer is CSS styles can be divided into three main categories- external, internal, and inline. Web pages and web browsers are indulged in external CSS style because they contain various properties and classes ( ) that are supposed to be updated and reflected in all future pages. On the other hand, email is used for a specific purpose hence you can use Inline or Internal styles.

The candidate should know the best style for different coding scenarios. Besides mentioning different CSS variations, the candidate needs to give examples of ideal usage scenarios.

2.  What Are the Different CSS Frameworks?

CSS framework refers to pre-planned libraries that help in creating standard compliant web page styling. There are several frameworks like:

·  Bootstrap

·  Semantic UI

·  Ulkit

·  Foundation

·  Gumby

Bootstrap is the most popular CSS framework used by web designers. The framework is running millions of popular websites providing scalable and flexible web development opportunities.

The candidate should have a working knowledge of one of the CSS frameworks. If the candidate shows a preference for any specific CSS framework, you need to ask additional questions to learn the reasons for preference.

3.  What Is the Use of CSS Opacity?

It is one of the basic web designer interview questions that you must ask every candidate. The right answer is CSS Opacity is used to specify the clarity/transparency of the image. The candidate should have knowledge about different properties and values of CSS opacity to ensure cross-browser compatibility. You can ask the candidate about CSS opacity syntaxes used for different browsers.

4.  What Are “Web Workers”?

A web worker is a script running in the background independently of other scripts. Web workers bring multi-threading to JavaScript. While web worker runs in the background, the user can continue to do whatever he/she wants such as selecting things, clicking etc without affecting the performance of the page. Web workers use thread-like messaging to achieve parallel processing.

The candidate should have a good knowledge about different types of workers, their conditions(calling) and limitation. The answer could include scenarios of data passing examples and performing computations in the background.

5.  What is Geolocation in HTML5?

The HTML5’s Geolocation API allows the users to share their location with websites. Today most browsers and apps support Geolocation API. If your company develops websites for local businesses ( ), you need a web designer who knows how to use HTML5’s Geolocation API in the website which would capture the user’s location (longitude and latitude) and send back information to the back-end server.

Long story short, a candidate unable to answer the basic web designer interview questions might not be worth hiring.

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