Know How to Design Alpha Phi Appeal Creatively Based on the Theme

Whether you dress in Alpha Phi apparel to attend campus, an on-campus rush event, tree plantation drive, volunteering outdoors, recruitment or charitable program, keeping your attire unique and up-to-date with the theme is a must. The Greek letters on your shirt should display your house ( ), while the design should be matching to the occasion in terms of slogan, colors, or images etc.

And this is where it needs creative ideas. The basic thump rule is the frontal part of the dress should represent the society that you belong to while the topic of the drive should show offf on the back. The whole idea of making the design such is that while the audience of other houses eye on the society, as you turn around they appreciate the subject. So long it concerns designing the motto of the event, various ways can be followed that helps reach the most appreciable saying.

Designing Ides for Alpha Phi Apparel Theme

  Designing on Personal Flare

With a plan to place a bulk order of custom Alpha Phi apparel for the team sorority and/or fraternity, you can think of specific design to represent the flare of an individual. For example, lucky numbers, special skills, sub-branches within the house to be imprinted on the back and the name of the society on frontage with its heritage logo. The colors and logo of the dress should be the same, however, its cut or design could be changed for male and female candidates. This kind of designing appears quite brilliant in the event of intra college sports, collage seminar etc. Contextually, in Latin soror and frater symbolizes ‘sister and ‘brother’ and used to boast the nearness among members. However, particularly the word ‘fraternity’ is often used to mean both men and women.

  Designing on Theme

As the word simplifies that, consideration of the theme of the program should be used to let people be familiar with the special endeavor. Considering the subject, you can order for specific slogan, which will come on the rear. For example if it’s a fundraising program to help hurricane victims, a good caption could be ‘donate to help hurricane victims in North Carolina’ or if it is for tree plantation drive, a caption like ‘ ‘save plant save environment’ or ‘let us grow together’ are quite matching. Equally for 50 years celebration or college foundation day ( ), fitting themes will be embossed as per your requirement by the retail shop.


Whether you’re an individual or bulk buyer, when it comes to procuring your Alpha Phi apparel, go for the reputed companies who know the value of sorority/ fraternity outfits to its members and societies. Quality apparel will last for years and will not shrink in laundry or not fade. They are great memorable and requires due protection.

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