How to Find Your Best Endodontist in Springfield VA

An endodontist is a dentist specialized in treating the nerves of the teeth. You would typically be referred to such a specialist in Springfield, VA when in need of a root canal treatment or a surgery that concerns the nerves of the teeth. As with other medical practitioners ( ), it is good to discuss a few things endodontist before you undergo the surgery or procedure. Here is list of 5 important details to check with the doctor.

1 - Training and certification

Endodontists typically undergo a two-year specialization in their field of practice in addition to the general dentistry course. Check for what specialization the doctor has received and which school he/she was trained at. Look for someone who has preferably completed the specialization at an American Dental Association-accredited program. It is also good to have the doctor have a diplomate status in the American Board of Endodontics, as this voluntary process indicates a high level of dedication to patient care, ethical practices, and continuing education.

2 - Know-how in the latest techniques and use of advanced equipment

Medicine is a field that continuously evolves every day, so the endodontist you choose needs to have the latest know and use latest technology for performing procedures. Discuss in detail about how the procedure would be done and what tools would be used. One of the most commonly used equipment is the microscope, which provide intense focused light and high magnification during surgical procedures. Check to see if your endodontist in Springfield, VA uses one so that he/she can effectively resolve challenges to treatment.

3 - Services provided

An endodontist is one who is most commonly known-for root canals, but it helps to have doctors who provide other services as well, especially if you have extensive anxiety about dental procedures or have to undergo crucial procedures that need anesthetics or sedation. The treatment may sometimes be prescribed for children, and in such cases, it is good to have an endodontist specialized in pediatric care as well.

4 - Treatment cost and insurance

Endodontic procedures can be expensive at times, and the last thing you want is to burn a hole in your pocket to have your tooth restored. In order to avoid any unpleasant incident, discuss the cost of treatment in depth with your endodontist. See if the doctor accepts insurance coverage, as this can considerably bring down the burden of shelling money out of your own pocket. A doctor who accepts third party payments can also help prevent you from postponing your treatment owing to financial constraints.

5 - Convenient location and working hours

When consulting an endodontist in Springfield, VA, it is good to have someone who is available near your home or workplace, with an accommodating schedule. When visiting the clinic ( ), pay attention to how the staff interact with other patients, and if they have long waiting hours.

Finally, it is also good to check for reviews online from other patients to help determine if the endodontist is the right one for you.

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