Dentists in Springfield, VA Explain Oral Signs That Warrant the Use of Dentures

Dentures are prosthetic devices that help when your teeth do not function properly or need to be removed partially or completely. While the most common dentures are full-set removable ( ), there are other kinds of prosthetics attached to teeth through bonding or in the form of implants. Contrary to popular belief, dentures and implants aren’t just for aged people. Middle-aged folks, youngsters, or teenagers who have missing or broken teeth too can make use of prosthetics. These devices are typically prescribed when the tooth cannot be restored to its former glory completely. Dentists in Springfield, VA explain different signs that indicate you may need dentures.

Unstable teeth

Teeth that tend to move, keep shifting, or which have large gaps may occur due to an injury or may be an indication of gum diseases. Unstable teeth can affect not only your quality of chewing but can also be aesthetically unappealing, making you conscious when you smile. In such cases, your dentist in Springfield may recommend an extraction followed by fixing an artificial tooth. Thanks to advancements in dentistry and technology, you can now wear artificial teeth that match the color, shape, and appearance of your natural teeth, making it less obvious that you are wearing prosthetics.

Gum disease

Swollen, irritated, inflamed, or bleeding gums indicate developing gingivitis or a periodontal problem. Poor oral hygiene, genetic factors, habits such as smoking, malnutrition, diseases like diabetes, age, and many other factors contribute to gum diseases in adults. When left untreated, gum problems can advance quickly, resulting in the loss of one or more teeth. When this happens, the solution is often the use of dentures to support chewing and for aesthetic reasons.

Severe toothaches

Toothaches are the sign of an underlying dental problem, typically a cavity. A tooth that pains when you bite, chew, brush, or maintain your jaws in a relaxed position are all indication that the decay has progressed to the point where it affects the nerve in the tooth’s center. Minor cavities can be treated with help of tooth-colored filling, but more serious conditions where the damage is irreparable may require a root canal treatment. When this occurs, the treated tooth needs to be protected with a partial denture called a crown, for reinforcement. Crowns are attached directly to the gum and resemble your lost teeth in almost all aspects.

Inability to eat specific foodstuff

When you are unable to bite, chew or eat specific kinds of foods because your teeth are cracked or affected, you may need dentures. A tooth that is missing or which function improperly can put undue stress on surrounding teeth ( ), increasing the risk of more tooth loss. Dentists in Springfield typically recommend dentures if you have trouble eating owing to the condition of your teeth.

Dentures are lifesavers to people who have gum problems, broken, or missing teeth. Visit your dentist in Springfield, VA to determine how dentures can help improve oral functioning and the overall quality of your life.

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