Pros of Taking a Medicare Advantage Plans in Texas

The Medicare Advantage Plans in Texas is the term for a group of insurance plans that is used to replace the traditional Medicare plan. When you opt for it then you would get coverage over and above what is offered by the original Medicare plan. The traditional plan is offered by the government and includes hospital insurance ( harringroup/medicare-advantage-plans/ ) which is Part A and medical insurance which is Part B.

Pros of buying the Medicare Advantage Plans:

1.  The Medicare Advantage Plans or part C is an alternative way to get the original Medicare coverage. Some of them give you additional benefits like coverage for prescription drugs or dental services which is not present in the original plan.

2.  Additional coverage like hearing, vision and routine dental checkup and other wellness programs is offered.

3.  The additional premium that you pay is comparatively cheaper than the premium that you would be paying when you opt for a combination of Medigap policy and a Medicare plan. There are Medicare advantage plans that sometimes offer you premium as low as $0.

4.  Some plans have a maximum limit on the out of pocket expense. The amount of the cap will differ from one plan to the other. When you opt for this plan then it will set a maximum limit on the amount that you will spend and then you will not be required to spend anything for the covered services all through the year.

5.  The paper work required is very less.

6.  You need to carry a single card with you instead of three for Medicare, part D and supplement separately which makes having a Medicare advantage plan more convenient. The single card will take care of the prescription drugs benefits, hospitalization and medical needs.

7.  The plan lets you pay on the go. Most of these plans are offered at no premium or very little premium.

A private company offers the plan and thus each plan will have its own premium rate. You are still a part of the original Medicare program even after you get yourself enrolled in the Medicare advantage plan. Thus you need to continue paying the premium towards the Medicare part B.

Before you buy the plan take care to know that the drawback of this plan is that you do not get the freedom to choose your healthcare provider. With the original Medicare plan you get access to the medical care across your nation but with the Medicare advantage plan ( ) you are restricted to the network provider. Make sure that you check the hospital network and then decide whether the Medicare advantage plan is beneficial for you.

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