Five Important Features in the Best POS System for a Bar

A POS system is equally important for both small businesses and big corporations. Businesses related to nightlife and hospitality needs to tie up with technology to offer best customer service even in the rush hours. If you are looking to buy the best POS system for a bar ( ), there are certain features you can’t ignore. Here is the list.

1. Customization

Some drinks like Coke and Jack are easy to make, but your guests are not going to order it all the time. You can teach your bartenders the skills to make different cocktails, but you need a system that allows you to customize every drink and ensure your staff does not lose track of any customer’s order.

The customizability feature enhances the bartenders’ ability to serve and complete orders quickly. It helps in remembering a customer’s regular drinking orders and their preferences.

2. Easy Menu Management

At the bar, you always have drinking events like Happy hour specials, Gameday specials, Drink specials where the menu changes all the time. To keep track of these events and the menu changes, you need a system which can make those specials memorable for the customer and also help the staffs keep track of inventory to offer good customer service.

The best POS system for a bar would feature an entire restaurant management system makes things easy for your staff by allowing them to make changes in the menu with a flick of button and update system in real-time.

3. Pre-authorization of Payments

Credit and debit card pre-authorization is an important element in bar business where the bartender swipes credit/debit card of the customer to save the card for later billing. The bartender swipes the card for specific reasons like to verify the card is real and ensure the card has the pre-configured amount of funds to settle the bill.

In the nightclub and bar industry, there are many cases of stolen cards, insufficient funds that lead to unsettled bills. The one tap pre-authorization of cards ensure the person ordering the drinks is a paying customer, and the bartender can concentrate on making whacky drinks.

4. Detailed Customer Reporting

The bar and nightclub industry is fast-paced, and it is difficult to keep track of high spending customers. The customer relationship management module of the POS software allows you to collect guest information, their detailed purchase history and the mode of the payment used.

This information can be used to create a priority guest list who can be informed about special events and upcoming promotions.

5. Bar and Liquor Inventory Management

Liquor is one of the fast moving goods in the bar and nightlife industry accounting for more than 20% of sales. The best POS system for a bar comes with a real-time liquor inventory tracking so that your bartenders never have to face a situation of running out of popular drinks.

Do you know any other important features to look for in a POS system for a bar? Please feel free to comment.

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